Chapter: 987

Blue nodded to Jay and commanded the sub-skeletons. It pointed its skeletal finger into the fog, and all seven sub-skeletons left - Blue's five and Red's two guardians.

Huh… Blue can command sub-skeletons of others? Jay raised a brow. The commander role seems quite useful. I wonder how the chain of command would be affected if there were another commander.

Jay decided to test something.

(Red, bring your sub-skeletons back.)

Red glanced at Blue and then looked into the fog, and within a few seconds Jay sensed the two guardian skeletons coming back.

(Alright, let Blue use them for now.)

Red nodded, and went back to its normal guard stance, keeping its gaze over the black swamp in case anything sprung out, and its two guardian skeletons disappeared into the fog again.

I see… Red's commands take priority over Blue's orders, but Blue can give them orders while Red doesn't need them, he nodded, scratching his chin.

Quite an efficient system as an elder skeleton like Red can decide for itself if it needs them, and any surplus troops can be used by the commanders.

Blue waited by Jay's side, and he gave it one more order.

(Try to bring some of their bodies back. I want to see what these things are.)

Blue nodded, and Jay hoped they would bring something back that wasn't mangled beyond recognition.

I wonder what their bodies look like? It seems that they float and at least part of them are made from flames, or at least they emit flames from a part of their body, Jay thought, wondering if the burned tree trunks were like their homes or nests. Angela's Library