Chapter: 988

Before the skeletons could bring a corpse of the flame-beings back, Red gave Jay a signal with a nod.

Archers saw the swamp woman leaving her shack, and alerted Red. In a few seconds, Jay was looking through its eyes, using the host skill.

(Archers, make sure you hide your eyes) Jay commanded, while seeing the world in its black and white vision.

As the green glow from Archers eyes dimmed down, he noticed that the world seemed to get darker, and he couldn't see as far through the fog.

Huh, so there is a trade-off. The more their eyes glow, the better their shade vision works… fairly similar to luminous orbs.

Yet Jay didn't dwell on these thoughts as he had been waiting for this woman to leave her shack.

She didn't seem alarmed in the slightest, so he was sure the presence of his skeletons and himself across the swamp were still undetected.

The woman yawned and scratched her belly as she looked around her island, not noticing the hidden skeleton that Jay was hosting to analyze her.

[Hegatha - Level 27]

[HP - 100%]

[MP - 0%]

Dammit, level twenty-seven?

It was concerning as she would be much more powerful than Jay, but something seemed odd.

Zero mana? Hmm… If she wasn't just resting, then what was she doing? She either used up her mana, or perhaps… something is wrong with her mana? Jay wondered, deciding it needed further investigation.

I wonder if he has something to do with the fog or the lights.

He ended the [Host] skill, leaving Archer's body.

In case Asra was watching or listening, Jay walked up to Blue and began to whisper his orders to it.

Blue, recall Dark, Lamp and Handy. Surround the island with Archers and Sweeper, but stay under water… and leave Red with us.

Red, bring your guardians back to guard us.

I'll keep Blue's five sub-skeletons out to keep hunting those lights, Jay thought.

In the meantime, I'll wait to see if her mana goes up. I'm pretty sure I saw her controlling the leaves before, but… I can control the skeletons even when I have zero mana, so there's a chance the leaves could be some kind of constructs… or even sentient? Jay wondered.

Or maybe she's just low mana, at least that's the simple explanation, he thought with a nod.

After a few moments the skeletons returned. A few had scorch marks on their bones while others were untouched, but none of them had any corpses to present to Jay.

He had not received any exp notifications either, so it seemed they were unsuccessful. Perhaps the lights were avoiding them now after realizing their flames couldn't really hurt the skeletons.

Jay would have done the same thing, and thought the fog lights probably had as much intelligence as the skeletons, if not more.

Under Blue's command the skeletons assembled, and formed a singe file line as they crept into the water.

If they're in a line, only the one at the front will cause swamp bubbles to release, Jay thought, nodding approvingly.

He was glad that Blue had been watching and thinking for itself while he sent Sweeper and Archers across the first time.

I wonder just how much Blue picks up as it watches me and carries out my orders? Jay watched Blue's body slowly disappear into the dark swamp waters.

(Red, is she still outside?) he asked. Angela's Library