Chapter: 1588


The scream of Anna.


Bang! Bang! Bang! Thud!

The sounds of gunfire, as if there was a clash within the jet.


She couldn’t understand what was happening inside.

Although her vision was blurred, she could see the monster on the ground and the Time Jet floating.

[W-Who are you? How did you come into the Time Je... kuk!]

A scream.

Then the voice could no longer be heard.

A small, familiar voice was heard over the communication device from Anna.

[... start the time jet with these coordinates. Hurry.]

‘W...ho... is... that...’


She tried to hear more, but nothing came out.

Dead Rose Special Forces captain Luis, whose pupils lost focus, stopped breathing.


Chun Yeowun’s eyes narrowed.

He too heard the voices which came out from Luis’s device.

Nano had the ability to eavesdrop.

Someone had broken into the Time Jet.

Without Chun Yeowun knowing it.

There was only one person at Chun Yeowun’s level who could do that.

‘Blade God!’


At that time, Chun Yeowun, who was holding the Time Jet down, was interrupted by a massive wave of energy.

With that, the Time Jet’s altitude rose, and the thawing of the engine was complete.


The entrance of the Time Jet closed. Angela's Library