Chapter: 1589

At the same time, the particles ejected from the thrusters became stronger and soared into the sky at great speed.


‘Who said you could touch my thing!’

Chun Yeowun flew up.

His body, soaring upwards, was equipped with the Gatelinium Suit.


With particles being released from the suit’s hands and feet, he quickly ascended.

‘I need to catch him.’

The speed at which the Time Jet flew was amazing.

Little by little, it became smaller.

At that time, Nano said something.

[Enabling booster mode.]

‘Booster mode?’

It was then, something like a thruster generated from the back of the Nano Suit, and the force increased.



Chun Yeowun flew into the sky.

A normal suit would have burned down with the force at which he moved, but Chun Yeowun’s suit was made of Gatelinium, which made it possible.

The shape of the Time Jet, which was moving away, became bigger.

Inside the Time Jet was a man with thick eyebrows and a strong smile on his face.

He was the Blade God.

After being wounded by Chun Yeowun, he hid, but then he appeared and hijacked the Time Jet.

He had been numb for years, yet the corners of his mouth raised as he was unable to hide his joy.

‘Luck is with me.’

He was the one who had spent an entire night trying to drive away the vicious energy that was burrowing within his heart and body.

He had absorbed the five spirit beasts’ cores, gaining immortal life, so as soon as he released that black energy, he managed to recover his body in less than half an hour.

One-third of his body was destroyed, but now it’s back to normal.

‘I came here to deal with that demon before he completely absorbed the energy.’

The Blade God couldn’t let Chun Yeowun become any stronger.

The Blade God was pushed into a crisis before Chun Yeowun even stepped into the Heavenly Master Level. Angela's Library