Chapter: 1592


The jet, which had entered space and time, shook.

At that rate, no one knew where the Time Jet would stop.

“How dare you!”

The Blade God sneered with anger and tried to pull Allen close to him.

But before that could happen, Allen’s actions were quick.


Allen put the gun in his mouth and fired.

With a hold in the back of his head, his limp body fell to the floor of the jet.

The only pilot of the Time Jet was dead.


As if his anger had reached its peak, the Blade God shouted and looked at Chun Yeowun, who still had a calm face.

“Phew, nothing can be done. Demon God. Let’s stop this for now. If we fight in this kind of situation, we’ll end up losing every...”


The Blade God hurriedly brought out his sword to block Chun Yeowun’s black sword.

Looking at Chun Yeowun, he asked with a bewildered expression.

“Demon God! What is this?”

“Stop with the bullshit. There will be no truce with you.”


The Blade God spoke while grunting through his teeth.

“In this situation, immortality doesn’t work! Do you think that both of us dying is a light matter? If the jet breaks down and it’s swept away by space and time, our bodies will disappear...”

“Are you that afraid of dying?”


“You are afraid of death despite living this long. That’s funny.”

The eyes of Chun Yeowun, who said that, were twinkling.

It felt like something essential had happened to the man.

The Blade God thought something must have happened as he became immortal after reaching the Heavenly Master Level.

However, in the face of crisis, the Blade God asked for a ceasefire with his enemy, Chun Yeowun, to save his own life.

‘I am afraid of death? Me? Me, from the past and the future, who is like a god is scared of death?’

At that moment, his composure was broken. Angela's Library