Chapter: 1591

The sound of metal ringing.

The Blade God slowly turned around.

There, he saw Chun Yeowun holding the Sky Demon Sword.

“I knew it was you.”

Intense energy flowed out of Chun Yeowun.

“Demon God!”

The hateful voice of the Blade God.

His eyes were dyed with extreme tension.

‘... if you look closely, I’m sure. The Demon God has entered the same realm as me.’

This would be a battle that can’t be won or lost.

The problem was if they competed in the Time Jet, it would break.

If that happened, the Blade God would lose his chance to head back to the past.

‘There is one way. I need to drive him out.’

There might be some risk and damage to the jet, but if that meant sending Chun Yeowun away, he liked taking that chance.

However, something he didn’t expect happened.


[Space time movement to unspecified coordinates.]



A strong shock, which shook the balance of the Blade God and Chun Yeowun.

Unlike the time pack, the Time Jet was an aircraft that traveled through space and time at a speed that exceeded the speed of light, so one had to be seated before the time of departure.


As Chun Yeowun and the Blade God were barely maintaining their balance with that speed, Allen, who was in the cockpit, shouted.

“Kukuk, do you think I will do whatever you monsters ask me to do! We will wander through space and time for the rest of your lives and die!”

With those words, Allen fired the gun which was on the board of the cockpit.



[Da...mage... to... the... main... system...]

The Time Jet’s AI was cut off.

The main system was really damaged, so the LED lights that were illuminating the jet’s inside didn’t stop flickering. Angela's Library