Chapter: 1594


“H... how?”

The cut didn’t heal.

From then, it was like he was waiting for his body to not fall down.

‘What should I do? If regeneration doesn’t work... should I cut the part off again?’

In an instant, something occurred in the Blade God’s mind.

However, the question was would Chun Yeowun give him the time.

He was confused.


And then, something like a gas was leaking out.

As if it wasn’t enough that the Non-existent Sky Demon Sword had slashed the Blade God’s body, its power ended up cutting the jet too.


The speed at which they were moving was so terrifying that the crack which formed was about to grow bigger.

“Cough... cough... you, are you really planning on dying together?”

With a pale face, the Blade God asked.

At the rate the jet tore, not just him, but even Chun Yeowun would die.

With a cold voice, Chun Yeowun spoke.

“Only you.”


Chun Yeowun kicked the Blade God’s body.




At that moment, the body of the Blade God, which barely stood together, split from the shoulder to the thigh and was dragged to where the hole had formed.



The Blade God tried to stop one part of his body from being swept away by the vacuum of space and time.

However, the Sky Demon Energy which had penetrated into his body had already spread.

Throb! Throb!

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