Chapter: 1595

He was going crazy.

When his internal energy wasn’t working properly, the Blade God held whatever he could with his left hand and pulled himself into the jet.


“Demon God!!!”

The Blade God kept cursing and yelling out for Chun Yeowun.

Seeing that side of the Blade God, Chun Yeowun spoke in his usual blunt voice.

“You have lived enough. Die.”


Chun Yeowun drew his Sky Demon Sword.



This time he cut his throat.

Blood gushed out from the Blade God’s neck.


The Blade God, who was wanting to say something, fell backwards.


And the body of the Blade God, which was holding onto the rail near the hole, got sucked away.


The head and body of the Blade God were swept away by the space and time torrent and disappeared.

Even the immortal body was nothing but dust in front of the great flow of space and time.


The hole inside the jet was becoming bigger, and Chun Yeowun reached it.

As usual with yin, ice qi began to form and cover it.



The power of space and time, which was sucking in the contents of the jet, was blocked by the ice.

However, the pressure was so strong that the ice had to be thickened.

‘This is just a temporary solution.’


Chun Yeowun released more ice qi to make sure that the walls near the hole were frozen too. Angela's Library