Chapter: 1598

However, the Time Jet, which was becoming small as he was moving down, exploded.



If Chun Yeowun was a little late, he would have died in the explosion.

He had no choice but to go down now.

‘Nano, flight mode.’

[Switching to flight mode.]

Chun Yeowun’s body quickly moved towards land.

The outer part of the Nano Suit, which was dyed red, slowly returned to its original color as he got closer to land.


How long was it?

Chun Yeowun could finally see land.

However, it wasn’t the land of Jianghu which was full of greenery.

[Altitude 15km.]

[Altitude 14.5km.]

[Altitude 13km.]

As he descended, he saw large buildings.

‘What... the hell?’

There were grasses and mountains around.

There were trees, but it was more like a grey world.

Buildings which had square roofs, and not tiled houses, Chun Yeowun’s body was getting close to the ground.


[Altitude 300m.]

Upon entering that point, Chun Yeowun descended onto a huge building.

Chun Yeowun’s eyes widened at the transparent walls the building had.

He was moving quickly, but he could see a lot of people inside the transparent walls.

[Will land soon, altitude of 100m.]


Chun Yeowun’s body soon landed on the dark grey ground.

He stood up, straightening himself.


The helmet of the Nano Suit lifted up as he saw the new world, which was surrounded by buildings.

This wasn’t the world he knew.


“A-A man fell from above!”

“It looked like he fell from the building?”

“Now! A superhero landing? Are they filming for the Man of Steel?”

People in clothes which he had never seen before were looking at Chun Yeowun, who was equally shocked.

He was wary of their sudden appearance.

‘Where is this?’

As he looked around with confused eyes, Nano answered him.

[Detected Wi-Fi signal. The age of the coordinates is... AD. Year. 2069.02.19] Angela's Library