Chapter: 1597

Biting his lip, Chun Yeowun determined, ordered Nano.

“Go ahead!”

[Yes. Escaping the flow of space and time.]


As soon as Nano finished speaking, The Time Jet shook.

The space flow was made up of five different colored lines that could be seen through the front glass of the cockpit. For a second, the Time Jet escaped.


Strong pressure rose, just like it did when the jet entered the flow.


Chun Yeowun grabbed the handle on the cockpit board and held onto it.

If he let go of the main board, the connection Nano had with the jet would break.

Clank! Clank!

He tried not to move as much as possible, and the space outside the window made of five colors changed.

It was then.


They exited the flow, and the ice broke.

At the same time, Chun Yeowun’s body, which was holding the board, was sucked out of the jet with tremendous force.



[Opening Gatelinium Nano Suit!]


The Nano Suit opened up around Chun Yeowun’s body.

He didn’t even realize that the suit had unfolded, but the suit seemed red.

And in some parts, it was a mixture of blue.

‘Where am I?’

[In the mesosphere at an altitude of 60km.]

Higher than the stratosphere.

The same area that the Time Jet had to be to enter the space and time flow.


He decided to go back to the Time Jet. Angela's Library