Chapter: 69

Lao Gu only saw so many people brought by Wei Zhenguo, and said with a more serious expression: "The suspect lives in an old residential area, and the situation is relatively complicated. If there is a need for manpower for surveillance, there are still a few people on duty in the office..."

"Enough is enough, we mainly need to be prepared." Wei Zhenguo politely refused, and then asked Lao Gu to lead the way. A group of 11 people, divided into three groups, entered the target community from the front and back.

The so-called community, there are only three buildings in it, the height is between 20 and 24 floors, but because they are all towers, there are more than ten houses on the first floor, and they are in the shape of a Chinese character, with a long patio in the middle, surrounded by Safety stairs.

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