Chapter: 69

Lao Gu only saw so many people brought by Wei Zhenguo, and said with a more serious expression: "The suspect lives in an old residential area, and the situation is relatively complicated. If there is a need for manpower for surveillance, there are still a few people on duty in the office..."

"Enough is enough, we mainly need to be prepared." Wei Zhenguo politely refused, and then asked Lao Gu to lead the way. A group of 11 people, divided into three groups, entered the target community from the front and back.

The so-called community, there are only three buildings in it, the height is between 20 and 24 floors, but because they are all towers, there are more than ten houses on the first floor, and they are in the shape of a Chinese character, with a long patio in the middle, surrounded by Safety stairs.

This kind of environment looks simple, but it is complicated to control.

There are two doors at the front and back of the complex, plus two garage doors, all of which can be used by cars and people.

The same is true in the community, the ground can be parked, and the underground parking lot can still be used for walking. And there are two entrances and two stairs leading to the underground parking lot in the community.

There are four elevators in each building, which are located on the east and west sides of each building, and one of them can reach the underground parking lot. Coupled with the 2 safety stairs in each building and the 2 safety stairs in the garage, The community of the three buildings has a feeling of being connected in all directions.

Jiang Yuan listened to the property's introduction to the community, and what flashed in his mind was the scene of a Hong Kong-style gangster movie.

If today's arrest is discovered and escaped by the criminal suspect, then immediately afterwards, you can take a top-down shot of a 22-storey back-shaped staircase, and watch the chasing and fleeing parties go up and down, left, right, and left. , back and forth... You can even jump directly up the floor and off the ground by jumping out of the railing and risking your life.

The semi-dark staircase lighting can make the chase in the safe staircase become thrilling, highlighting tension and anxiety.

If you can drive or open the door, the film can also develop in the direction of getting out of the car or hijacking the house. Thirty ensemble actors in three buildings can make a movie.

There was no expression on Wei Zhenguo's face.

His police uniform is a little wrinkled, like the wrinkles on his face.

But as far as his eyes are concerned, Wei Zhenguo, who is walking outside, is obviously more confident than in the office.

"Two people at the front and back doors, and one person at the garage. Take the walkie-talkie and support at any time. By the way, remember to turn on the law enforcement recorder." Wei Zhenguo listened while walking, and then sent out the manpower.

The remaining 5 people got together again, took the takeaway and took an elevator directly to the 12th floor.

The door opened, and a young couple looked up and saw five policemen in police uniforms, their eyes were a little straight.

"One on each side of the corridor." Wei Zhenguo gave a simple command, and then led the people to the suspect's door.

The house number is 1209.

"Knock on the door and tell me that there is a water leak downstairs, so I need to come in and take a look." Wei Zhenguo said something, and stood on both sides of the door with a few others.

The other party saw it through the cat's eyes, and should only see the old man of the property.

An impatient voice soon came from inside the door.

Jiang Yuan felt relieved.

If there are people, the chances of arrest are very high.

Just as Jiang Yuan was thinking, he opened the door with a "click" after a few words about the inside and outside of the door.

Without calling, two strong policemen got into the room and pushed the unconscious suspect to the wall.

"Police. Don't move. What's your name?" Several voices were stern and heavy.

"Cai Bin..."

"Cai Bin, you committed a crime..." While putting on the handcuffs, the policeman asked again: "How many people are in the family? Is there anyone in the family?"

" wife, no, my girlfriend is inside." Cai Bin raised his voice and shouted, "Yun, it's the police who are here, it's none of your business, don't move around..." Angela's Library