Chapter: 70

Jiang Yuan was watching right in front of him, there was no place to interfere.

They didn't even resist, they just yelled twice at most, and the whole arrest operation went smoothly like a drill.

"Are you nervous?" Wei Zhenguo asked the policewoman who came with him to bring out the suspect's girlfriend, walked to Jiang Yuan by himself, and asked with a smile.

Jiang Yuan nodded slightly: "A little bit."

"The general arrest scene is like this." Wei Zhenguo muttered, "There are two kinds of people who resist fiercely, one is committed a serious crime, and the other is really innocent. Therefore, when encountering fierce resistance Yes, be careful during the interrogation."

Jiang Yuan looked at Cai Bin who was being pressed firmly, and nodded slowly again.

"Let's go down." Wei Zhenguo asked someone to inform the police stationed below, and they stood at the gate of the community and waited for the bus.

The police who were guarding the front and rear doors and the garage door just now walked back slowly.

Eleven people gathered together, surrounded the two suspects, and they were unusually conspicuous at the gate of the community in the early morning.

Cai Bin, whose hands were handcuffed, writhed uncomfortably. Looking at such a large group of policemen, his body was full of question marks.

Two or three policemen, three or four policemen catch a thief, that's quite common.

But 11 of them appeared in a swarm. No matter how you think about it, there are problems in the middle.

The more Cai Bin thought about it, the more frustrated he became, and he couldn't help asking, "Why did you arrest me?"

"Don't you know what you did?" Wei Zhenguo looked at Cai Bin sharply.

Cai Bin counted the number of policemen again, and shook his head vigorously: "I didn't do anything, you arrested the wrong person, really..."

"Wrong catch? You think about it again. I won't ask you now." Wei Zhenguo's black face wrinkled, like an ugly version of Bao Qingtian, and he drew a circle around with his fingers, and said slowly: "You treat us as idle." Are you okay to come out to play?"

"No, I...not..." Cai Bin only felt that he was haunted by ghosts.

"Let's talk when we go back." Wei Zhenguo pointed to the law enforcement recorder, as if he was following the rules.

And the more formal Wei Zhenguo did it, the more uncomfortable Cai Bin felt. Even Cai Bin's girlfriend couldn't help but look at Cai Bin suspiciously.


In the middle of the afternoon, Wei Zhenguo came to announce the good news with a smile.

Jiang Yuan was reading a book, couldn't help getting up, and said in surprise: "Is it so fast?"

"He thought he was involved in some big case, so he revealed the matter of stealing the electric car himself, for fear of being wronged." Wei Zhenguo laughed loudly, and said, "When we asked about the specific number of cases, there was another With the fingerprints in hand, six cases were uncovered in one go. The way to sell the stolen goods was also revealed."

"Team Wei is great. It seems that it is beneficial to bring more people." Jiang Yuan immediately complimented him. No matter how you say it, it is because of the case he took.

"It's better if there are more people. Ordinary suspects won't resist when they see three or four of us standing together. But if you only go to two people, they will definitely think, I might as well try running." Wei Zhenguo Talking about experience, he said again: "Today, I am most afraid that I will bring it into the den of thieves. These small thieves are different from those who commit big crimes. Some people like to call friends. The things they committed They are small, and they are not so wary of each other... I have encountered a case before. Five people rented a house and slept on bunk beds. Ask them, each of them still feel very happy, very happy."

"In college, the combined living expenses of a boy in a dormitory may be less than that of a screwdriver," Jiang Yuan said.

The trace inspector Xiao Wang who is resident in the forensic office smiled unkindly: "It's true."

Wei Zhenguo said: "Anyway, we have to guard against accidents. In case someone has a party or something... It doesn't matter if you are a rough guy, it will be a big loss if Jiang Forensic Doctor is injured. "

Jiang Yuan hurriedly said: "It's not that..."

"It's not a big mistake to be careful." Wei Zhenguo said seriously: "Really, as long as you can find out the clues, it doesn't matter whether you leave it to me or anyone else, we will figure it out for you. By the way, just now I haven't finished the case yet." Angela's Library