Chapter: 79

Wei Zhenguo just shook his head wearily, and said, "It's not necessary. You have to go to the local police station to bring it back. Don't bother them if you have nothing to worry about."

They ran around the city for two days, and then went to the provincial capital Changyang to find someone, but they were also exhausted.

Mu Zhiyang asked: "Why is it unnecessary?"


"No, Master, you told me not to talk about feelings, but about logic."

Wei Zhenguo laughed, clapped the notebook in his hand, and said again: "Let's talk about logic. If we talk about logic, this person is a three-no man, and he doesn't have a city mansion. Faced with the two of us, isn't his psychological quality a bit too good? "

"I don't think he has a B number."

"People who play music but have not played well, in our time, were called blind Liu. When blind Liu sees the police in his hometown, his mood will fluctuate. If he has committed a crime, and it is a major case, he may lose control of his emotions. , may resist resolutely, and cannot achieve the state it is today, which must be called free and easy." Wei Zhenguo said with experience, and it can be regarded as a teaching for Mu Zhiyang.

Makishi Yopin smacked his head.

"Next." Wei Zhenguo shook the notebook in his hand. Investigating this kind of work is the most basic and tiring police work. He didn't like it when he was young, and he didn't like it when he was old, but he just had to do it.

While looking for the address on the phone, Wei Zhenguo met two more people, and the sky was already dark.

"This Ding Lan is a social cow...that means a social cow. He knows too many people." Mu Zhiyang couldn't help saying: "Besides, we found these. If the prisoner is really well-behaved, Just do such a case, how do we find it. The premise is that there must be a case.”

"There is a case." Wei Zhenguo glanced at Mu Zhiyang, and said: "A girl, who was still working that day, made a boyfriend, called her parents, and disappeared without a trace when she turned around. There was no news for three years. Cut off contact with parents, relatives and friends... You also said that she is a social cow, will a social cow do this?"

Mu Zhiyang was stunned for a moment, then slowly shook his head: "No, if she wants to behave like this, she won't be a social cow."

"That's right. Moreover, if a girl who has never had a boyfriend before is cheated by a man and suddenly chooses to run away from home, it will be more credible. This Ding Lan has so many boyfriends, she will be easily recognized Lie?" Wei Zhenguo changed the topic again, and said: "No matter what, three years is too long, and the period of passionate love can't last so long."

"That's why, master, you suspect that this is... a murder case?" Mu Zhiyang asked in a low voice.

Wei Zhenguo sighed: "The murder case... the murder case is not terrible, I am worried..."

"worry about what?"

"What if it's illegal detention?" Wei Zhenguo looked at Mu Zhiyang.

Mu Zhiyang thought about Wei Zhenguo's words, and couldn't help shaking.

I have been a policeman for a long time, even if I have not handled certain cases, I can see a lot of dark sides just by looking at the files and getting some public information.

And many dark sides are very inhumane.

Thinking about the fate of a beautiful girl who was illegally detained for three years makes one shudder. In fact, according to Mu Zhiyang's thinking, whether a beautiful girl can survive three years of illegal detention is a question. It is hard to say whether it was lucky or unlucky to fail to survive.

"Hurry up, see someone else, go back and rest." Wei Zhenguo looked at the road sign and led the way.

Mu Zhiyang hurriedly followed, and said as he walked: "The provincial capital also has troubles in the provincial capital. The land is too big. The time to find one person is enough for us to run three people in Ningtai."

"It's good to be able to find someone in the provincial capital, and there are still people who go to other places."

"What about those who are out of town? Travel to find them?" Mu Zhiyang asked.

"If it doesn't work, let's talk on the phone first."

"It's impossible for the yellow team to give more funding." Mu Zhiyang knew that his master was already in special approval status when he came out this time.

Wei Zhenguo took a few breaths, but smiled, and said to Mu Zhiyang, "Boy, this is what you have to learn. The more impossible it is, the closer it is to the truth." Angela's Library