Chapter: 78

"Social software." In this regard, Jiang Yuan's adaptability far exceeds that of Wei Zhenguo, and said: "I read the transcripts you made before, Ding Lan met several ex-boyfriends through social software. .”

"This..." Wei Zhenguo seemed to have returned to the beginning of the case, with ex-boyfriends popping up one by one, making the case instantly confusing.

Just a bicycle being pushed into a green belt is not enough to follow so many clues.

Even more worrying is that the suspect might not have left his fingerprints on the bike, had it ever happened.

As for social software... Although social software has records, the trouble of extracting records may be beyond the imagination of ordinary people. It is good to be able to obtain information through the Internet and telephone exchanges, but many companies do not provide such convenience, but require the police to go to their jurisdiction and apply for information through the local police station. Because of the queue, a business trip often requires A week or two.

If you want to check the mainstream social software on the market, a criminal police squadron will not want to do other cases that month.

Starting from the fourth place, the owners of the fingerprints are relatively ordinary, at least they have no criminal record.

Jiang Yuan extracted as much information as possible from the police information. His authority is not high, and some of them were inquired through Wu Jun's mobile phone, but the problem remained the same. He wanted to draw conclusions from these simple information. Well, Sherlock Holmes might be able to do it, but Jiang Yuan couldn't.

Wei Zhenguo also felt his forehead get hot from watching, and said helplessly: "When I opened this case, there were no clues, so it was put on hold. Now there are too many clues, and I don't know where to go. It's said that feng shui turns, so today must be stuck. "

"If there are no particularly prominent clues, let's look for them one by one." Jiang Yuan did the fingerprints himself. In fact, criminal investigation techniques are relatively clumsy, and there are very few people who can't wait for them. Felt genius technique.

Many criminal investigation techniques, even third-, fourth-, or even fourth- and fifth-hand techniques, have become popular in the halls of science, university laboratories, private enterprises, and even the industry before someone introduces them into the field of criminal investigation.

There are many reasons for this, one of which is the high cost of trust in the criminal investigation field, which requires more mature and stable technology.

Generally speaking, it doesn't matter if you are a little stupid. The technology that can get things done steadily is the technology that the criminal investigation field likes.

Wei Zhenguo had just started to accept Jiang Yuan's technology and experienced his method of directly inserting suspects, but now he was a little dazed when he talked about the solutions he was looking for "one by one".

"Investigation is my job." Wei Zhenguo smiled, touched his oily head, and his eyes became fierce: "Okay, I will deal with these ex-boyfriends."

provincial capital.

Changyang City.

With wide roads and annoying tire noise, there is no place to stop from Dongshi to Xishi, from Nanlu to Beiyuan.

The blue of the sky and the white of the clouds are fair, but the gray of the ground and the white of the walls always make people feel dirty.

There are all kinds of pedestrians on the side of the road, but except for the beautiful women with big white legs, other men and women, old and young, always give people a sense of fatigue from the working class.

Water Sky Bar Street.

"If you think of anything else, just call me." Wei Zhenguo closed his notebook and stood up expressionlessly.

"I know." The young man on the opposite side crossed his legs and only shouted: "I won't send it off."

Wei Zhenguo smiled, went out of the dark room, took two deep breaths, and unconsciously lit a cigarette.

The sun is shining outside, and the sun is warm on the body. It is hard to understand why these young people would rather play music in the semi-basement, or the kind that sounds terrible.

"Master, this kid is so aggressive." Following him was Mu Zhiyang, who looked too young to be wronged.

Wei Zhenguo put away his notebook, heaved a sigh of relief, and said, "It's not him, don't cause trouble."

"I didn't say I wanted to cause trouble." Mu Zhiyang was not convinced. When he was in school, if he met such a student, he would go up and talk about it. Who would have thought that with the uniform now , it would be restricted instead: "I think this kind of person is very likely to commit a crime. They are originally people on the margins of society. If there is a little conflict or something, it is easy to lose control of themselves. "

Wei Zhenguo glanced at him: "You just need to control yourself."

"At least check it out, I think I can take it back and ask." Angela's Library