Chapter: 5364

Grandpa Baiying looked at her with a smile and said.

Ning Yue was a little disappointed.

But also secretly shocked.

It turned out that she was not asked to leave Fu Yechuan, but to help her.

But she won't agree so foolishly and easily.

After all, if a sky-high price was charged for this favor, she really wouldn't be able to help.

Even if you hold bad money, you can't spend it.

Ning Yue brushed her hair and smiled politely.

"Sorry, there's nothing I can do."

Baiying's face paused slightly, her eyes flashed.

"I haven't even said what I'm busy with, but Miss Ning just said there's nothing I can do. Are you a little too anxious?"

Ning Yue felt a little embarrassed.

"Actually, I didn't ask for this favor. It was Mr. Fu who asked. You have been with Mr. Fu for so long. Mr. Fu knows that Mr. Fu is Mr. Fu's father. Don't you want to establish a good relationship first?"

Bai Ying looked at her unblinkingly.

Although there was an amiable smile on the corner of his mouth, his eyes were full of indifference and calculation.

Two completely opposite emotions are reflected in the same person.

The sense of incongruity reached ten.

When Ning Yue heard this, not only did she not panic, but she suddenly smiled

"What age is this? I'm with Fu Yechuan, and I still have to please his father? I don't have the awareness to be a slave. If Fu Yechuan said this, I'd turn around and leave right away. Do you believe it?"

Bai Ying's face froze slightly.

It seems that he is not even willing to maintain the superficial politeness.

He walked right past her.

Seeing this, Ning Yue smiled, didn't follow, and said something behind

"Let Mr. Fu's bodyguard bring the things up. After all, I'm not a nanny, and I'm not in charge of bringing him tea and water."

She turned around with a smile and continued upstairs.

She is not afraid of offending this old Fu's housekeeper.

Because she never thought of marrying Fu Yechuan at all.

This idea has long been dispelled.

Even if it is to restart this relationship, it is nothing more than because I can't let go and still like it.

But getting her married is impossible. Angela's Library