Chapter: 5365

Even if Fu Yechuan proposed to her, she might not agree now.

When you’re in love, you have to look like you’re in love.

They are happy when they are together, and they can separate when they are not happy.

You must never consume yourself because of your feelings.

This is also the bottom line she gave herself.

When Bai Ying heard this, she paused slightly, and turned her head to look up at her.

But Ning Yue had already turned around and left, not even being polite.

What a disrespect.

His face was serious and cold, he gritted his teeth, then turned and went downstairs.

Ning Yue thought about it, and there was no discomfort in her eyes.

Just as he walked out of the stairs, he saw Fu Yechuan standing at the door holding a civilized stick. He was cold and solemn, with a tall and straight figure, and his neckline was slightly open.

Wearing sunglasses, he doesn't look like a blind person, but looks like a cool model.

Ning Yue raised her eyebrows, "Why are you here? Did you hear me?"

Fu Yechuan hummed with an unclear expression.

It was belatedly that he realized that Ning Yue had gone out with the old man.

He knew who the old man was.

Over the years, Fu Qingcheng would not have gone so smoothly without the old man's help in handling business abroad.

That's why Fu Qingcheng had extra trust in him.

Of course, it also gave him a lot of power.

Fu Yechuan didn't like to say anything about his father's behavior, but he didn't like Baiying.

Naturally, there will not be much respect.

He stretched out his hand, Ning Yue paused, and took advantage of the situation to entangle him.

Fu Yechuan's hand was slightly cold, but he held Ning Yue's hand tightly

"You're right, don't worry about him, what is he, even if my dad comes in person, I won't give him this face."

He didn't have such a deep father-son relationship with Fu Qingcheng, so it could only be said that he was quite passable.

Because both parties don't want to tear each other's faces, but it is impossible to dictate each other's life.

He is the successor that Mr. Fu valued. Fu Qingcheng didn't have this ability, so he was naturally exiled.

The two returned to the ward, and the bodyguard at the door returned.

Ning Yue's eyes flickered, "Where did they go just now? When the butler came, you even paid for the bodyguards?"

Fu Yechuan's expression was gloomy, and he just responded, as if he didn't want to say more. Angela's Library