Chapter: 5367

So he didn't look good towards Sun Haoyang afterwards.

"It's fine if I don't have it, no one can be jealous of my idol, Sun Yingdi is so good!"

Ning Yue turned her head and continued to pick out clothes.

Fu Yechuan "..."

He tops the Forbes list year after year.

I didn't see her praise him for being excellent.

Is this woman blind?

He opened his mouth and didn't continue speaking.

Otherwise, it is easy to lose the game.

Ning Yue finally finished packing, and looked at Fu Yechuan and stood up too.

As if to follow out.

She was a little surprised.

"Wait for me, I'll be back in the afternoon."

Fu Yechuan pursed his lips, his expression slightly tense

"I'll go with you and visit the class by the way."

Ning Yue: "Who are you visiting?"


What Fu Yechuan said was a matter of course.

Ning Yue "..."

So she only works for one day, does she still need to visit the class?

Fortunately, Fu Yechuan couldn't see it, so she rolled her eyes blatantly.

"I said Mr. Fu, if you go, how can I take pictures?"

Fu Yechuan pursed his lips, "Don't worry, I can't see it, after all, it's a drama I invested in, so it's not wrong for me to care about it, right? I'll go check it out and take you by the way."

Ning Yue "..."

Seeing how he made up his mind, she was also helpless.

But he had a point.

He is still an investor, if Director Guo knew that he was going, wouldn't he be happy?

She sighed and walked over to take his arm

"That's okay, when we get to the set, we'll pretend we're not familiar with each other."

Fu Yechuan frowned slightly, but still responded. Angela's Library