Chapter: 5368

Is it still necessary for them to pretend to be unfamiliar?

However, he would not refuse her request.

The two packed up and went out.

Fu Yechuan's black Bentley stopped at the door.

Fu Yechuan bent down to get on the car, waiting for Ning Yue to come up.

As a result, Ning Yue closed the door for him, and ran to sit in the co-pilot by herself.

She turned her head and explained to him, "I can't help it. I'm afraid people will see me when I get out of the car. Let's hold hands again on the way back!"

Ning Yue's coquettish words slightly eased Fu Yechuan's original dissatisfaction.

The car drove to the set.

When Ning Yue got out of the car, no one answered her, only Sun Haoyang's assistant came to pick her up.

When Fu Yechuan got out of the car, even Director Guo came running over in person.

Ning Yue got off the co-pilot, and at first glance she had nothing to do with Fu Yechuan.

The distance has been maintained like this, and no one will speculate on other aspects.

Fu Yechuan was taken to other places by Director Guo.

Ning Yue also went to the filming location with Sun Haoyang's assistant.

There was obviously something wrong with the assistant's expression.

He hesitated to speak.

"Miss Ning, Teacher Sun is putting on makeup inside, why don't you go say hello later?"

Ning Yue nodded, "Okay, thank you, Director Guo..."

"Some clips don't need to be watched by Guo Guo himself, other directors are also here."

The assistant pursed her lips, as if she had something to say, but she didn't know how to say it.

Ning Yue saw it and smiled.

"I'll go over to say hello to Mr. Sun, are you busy?"

"Okay, he's in the innermost dressing room."

The assistant nodded and left.

Ning Yue paused for a moment, then raised a smile to look for Sun Haoyang.

After all, I am about to meet my idol, how can I not be excited?

Ning Yue hummed and walked forward.

Hearing that the door was half closed, Jiang Lingyi's voice spoke slowly.

"Mr. Sun, this is the first time I've asked you for such a thing, so I'm really sorry. Angela's Library