Chapter: 5373

Director Guo twitched the corner of his mouth in embarrassment, "It's a coincidence."

He also likes Ning Yue quite a bit. Although she doesn't have professional acting skills, her natural expression is more touching.

But Jiang Lingyi is the heroine of this drama after all, so many investors and male and female protagonists would stuff people into the drama before, this is already an unwritten rule.

He didn't want to offend the heroine just because of such a trivial matter.

After weighing each other, he agreed to Jiang Lingyi's request.

This is also a usual thing.

I didn't expect Ning Yue to come to the set.

Although they came with Fu Yechuan, the people watching said that Ning Yue was sitting in the co-pilot and had no intimate actions with Fu Yechuan.

Even Fu Yechuan didn't let Ning Yue help him with his civilized stick.

It shows that the relationship between the two people is not familiar.

Ning Yue sat directly in one of the four chairs.

Director Guo was a little upset, after all, they didn't invite Ning Yue to sit down.

And Fu Yechuan just asked a casual question.

He coughed, "If Miss Ning has something to do, why don't you go first?"

Ning Yue paused, then suddenly remembered something, teasingly said with a smile

"Why is Director Guo so anxious to let me go? I don't have many opportunities to come, and I still want to see and see!"

Fu Yechuan frowned slightly, his voice was as thin as ice

"Didn't Director Guo ask Ning Yue to come over to film? Why are you still here?"

Director Guo was taken aback for a moment, and said in a tangled

"Haha, I don't need to go there myself."

He also tried his best to wink at Ning Yue.

Ning Yue pretended not to understand and turned her head, resting her chin with one hand and sighing

"There's no need to shoot, I can leave. My cameo role was snatched away by someone. It's easy for me to think that there are still people thinking about such a small cameo role."

Director Guo froze and swallowed his saliva, but he didn't expect Ning Yue to say it so directly.

Fu Yechuan sneered, "Really?"

Director Guo coughed

"It's not about stealing, the heroine Jiang Lingyi's younger sister just happens to be here for an internship, and there is no other suitable role, only this cameo role can act, so..."

"So this isn't robbery, what is it?"

Fu Yechuan's voice suddenly became cold

"Jiang Lingyi is so capable, even the director can handle it? As an investor, I didn't arrange anyone to come in, but she is lucky, she can squeeze people away casually?"

The director heard that his tone was not right, so he opened his mouth quickly

"Mr. Fu, it's like this in the circle. Jiang Lingyi's request is not too much. Besides, it's just a matter of a camera. I can't help but agree."

Fu Yechuan's expression was cold and gloomy, extremely ugly.

His whole body was also shrouded in a layer of indifferent chill.

"Director Guo is in such a difficult situation. It's because I misjudged the person. You can't even be the master of your crew. It seems that there is no need to invest in this drama."

As he spoke, he stood up and held up a hand

"Yue'er, go home." Angela's Library