Chapter: 5372

Ning Yue understood that Jiang Ling had already taken a fancy to that character before going to the club.

That's why she targeted her eccentrically at the club.

Until now, Jiang Ling has been targeting him like this because Sun Haoyang took the lead.

It's ridiculous.

Sneaky tricks.

"I'm sorry, Ms. Ning, I didn't tell Mr. Sun, I was afraid that he would go to Jiang Lingyi to trouble him when he got agitated, and the manager's sister told me to take care of Mr. Sun so that nothing could go wrong.

But I think you and Mr. Sun are good friends and his fans, so don't dislike him because of this matter. "

Ning Yue couldn't help but smile at the little assistant's sincere look.

"Don't worry, I'm an iron fan and I will never lose my fan."

She waved her hand, "Go back and find Teacher Sun, I'll go first."

The little assistant nodded, heaved a sigh of relief, and walked back.

Ning Yue sighed and walked out casually.

Looking at a gazebo not far away, Director Guo was serving Fu Yechuan to drink tea.

When she walked over, Director Guo was slightly taken aback, and smiled at her with a slightly embarrassed expression.

Probably because of the change of roles, I feel embarrassed.

But what is he embarrassed about?

If he hadn't agreed, would Jiang Ling have the courage?

Ning Yue sneered in her heart, because she thought Director Guo was cute before!

It's all bullshit!

The sound of her high heels happened to pass by the gazebo.

In the end, Fu Yechuan heard about it.

"Ning Yue?"

With a deep voice, he stopped calling her.

Like actually seeing it.

Director Guo froze slightly and looked at him in surprise.

The corners of Fu Yechuan's lips tightened

"Ning Yue, is that you?"

Ning Yue sighed, originally wanted to walk by herself, but now that she was discovered, there was no need.

She turned and walked straight to the gazebo

"It's me. Director Guo, what a coincidence?" Angela's Library