Chapter: 1082

He could drink alcohol or whatever if he wanted to, but Astelle would hate it if she found out that had been drinking while he was working.

Even during official business hours, Astelle didn’t like it when he was drunk. And young Estella also hates the smell of alcohol.

Thanks to this, Kaizen rarely drank alcohol except on special occasions.

“How should I apologize?”

Fritz was wondering if he needed to apologize.

Astelle probably didn’t expect Kaizen to feel so guilty and remorseful.

From Astelle’s point of view, Kaizen suddenly got annoyed with a child and just left.

Maybe Astelle just muttered, ‘What’s wrong with you?’ That’s all.

Fritz, however, pretended to think hard.

“Well, I think it would be nice to give her flowers or her favorite jewelry.”

Kaizen has already built a greenhouse adorned with jewels for Astelle and filled it with lots of flowers.

He pondered for a moment whether there was a place to build a new greenhouse next to the Empress Palace.

“But the empress may prefer a different way.”

“A different way?”

“Your Majesty always gives her something expensive and magnificent. If she receives something like that every time, the excitement will slowly fade away.”

“I guess so.”

He had expanded the Empress Palace for Astelle, built a new palace for the princess, and made a bejeweled greenhouse.

It seems that the only way to impress Astelle is to build a new palace next to the capital.

“Sometimes…….” Facing the red eyes that were staring at him fervently, Fritz continued, “Sometimes a handmade gift is more valuable than an expensive one.”

“You want me to give her a present I made myself?”

Kaizen had a mixed expression.

He had never made anything himself. He had made a ball and a snowman with Theor, but he couldn’t give them to Astelle.

Above all, now is summer.

Fritz said that while pretending to be innocent and full of sympathy, but deep down, he had a malicious ulterior motive.

Fritz is Siegfried’s father, and he wants to take revenge, albeit lightly, on the emperor who had made his son cry. Angela's Library