Chapter: 1083

“Yes, it would be nice to make jewelry or something out of paper, for example.”


The Empress Palace, which had been noisy all day, fell into a quiet silence at night.

The children all went to bed, but Astelle didn’t and still hadn’t changed into her pajamas.

It was because Kaizen didn’t come until midnight.

‘He must be angry again.’

After a brief argument during the day, Kaizen left without saying a word. After that, he never came or contacted her until now.

Astelle was still perplexed when she thought of what had happened that day.

Astelle apologized directly to Gretel in the afternoon. Gretel, who had come to pick up her son, was surprised to hear Astelle’s story.

She asked, “Did our Sig be rude to the princess?”

She wondered if Astelle had purposely kept out of the story in order to cover up Sig’s actions.

“No. Sig was really nice and gentle as usual, but…….”

Kaizen suddenly got weird.

Astelle couldn’t say that, so she only apologized for making her child cry.

Gretel smiled broadly and shook her hand.

“Never mind. It’s not a big deal. Sig was just sad that the princess left. Kids quickly forget.”

Gretel, with her easy-going personality, didn’t seem to mind it.

But Astelle couldn’t guarantee that her brother, Fritz, would understand that way too.

If he knew this, it seemed that he wouldn’t send Sig to the palace for the time being.

That evening, Theor visited her and asked, “I heard my father was angry with Sig?”

Eight-year-old Theor is now faster at reading the atmosphere.

Even in front of adults, he was never nervous or afraid, and his swordsmanship and study were much better than those of his age.

Astelle felt that her son was quite precocious and thoughtful for his age.

Her grandfather, the Marquis of Carlenberg, insists every day that it’s because Theor resembles Astelle.

Astelle didn’t agree outright, but Theor certainly is very different from Kaizen in his childhood. Angela's Library