Chapter: 1093

Astelle belatedly realized what the paper is. This shiny paper is coated with powdered jewels. It is an expensive paper used only as a decoration for special gifts.

She couldn’t believe Kaizen used this expensive colored paper to make flowers.

“It is a very expensive flower.”

She wondered how much paper Kaizen had to waste to make so many flowers. But she didn’t want to spoil the mood by asking that.

Kaizen, who was eating the tart, replied indifferently, “It’s not even made of real jewels.”

Astelle smiled upon hearing that. “It’s better than anything made of real jewels.”

Paper flowers made by the Emperor. She wondered if this would be the first time in the history of the Empire.

“Do you like it?”

“Of course I do. This is the first time I’ve received a gift like this.”

Astelle looked into the jar with an affectionate gaze. Even though it was clumsy craftsmanship, it was made by Kaizen’s own hands.

Thinking that Kaizen made this while struggling, it certainly seemed that each petal contained sincerity.

When she was little, she used to be envious of her friends giving and receiving these little gifts.

After remarrying and improving her relationship with her husband, she received all kinds of jewelry, ornaments, and even greenhouses, and palace extensions as gifts from Kaizen.

But she never imagined she would receive a gift like this even in her dreams.

Kaizen put down the fork and looked at Astelle who was smiling while looking into the jar.

The soft light of the candle cast a warm glow on Astelle’s happy face.

Suddenly, Estella and Sig, who were making a flower necklace together in the garden, came to mind again.

Could Astelle and I have grown up like that?

It’s just a vain fantasy, but Kaizen had that thought for a while.

He fantasized about running around the garden with little Astelle and picking flowers to make a necklace.

But that’s just his fantasy. As a child, Kaizen missed the chance to make happy memories with Astelle.


If he could turn back time, he would make a necklace out of flowers for little Astelle and give her countless gifts out of colored paper like this one.

If only I could get back all the time I foolishly missed.

“I’ll make more whenever you want.”

But the past cannot be undone. All he can do is treasure every moment he will spend with Astelle.

Astelle smiled gently as soon as her light green eyes met Kaizen’s red ones.

“Then I’ll make you tarts and cookies instead of paper flowers. I’m not sure if I can make them for you every day though.”

Kaizen leaned his head towards Astelle and lightly kissed her on the forehead.

It didn’t take long for their lips to slowly overlap.

They share a passionate, warm, and sweet kiss like desserts and shiny paper flowers. Angela's Library