Chapter: 1092

Astelle looked at the glass jar and said playfully, “Still, it’s impressive that you made it yourself.”

Astelle held the glass jar preciously and led Kaizen to the chair.

The two sat face to face with a table between them.

Kaizen took a sip of wine and tasted a small amount of strawberry tart. The taste of fresh strawberry mixed with sweet cream floated in his mouth.

“It’s delicious.”

“You’ve had dinner, right?”

Astelle wondered if he had dinner.

Surely you didn’t make the gift while starving, did you?

“I’m fine.”

Kaizen kept cutting and eating the tart.

Is he hungry? Looks like he didn’t have dinner.

Kaizen slowly tasted the sweet and sour pickled pears and said in awe, “It’s really good. This is the first time I’ve had such a delicious dessert.”

“Maybe it’s because you didn’t eat dinner.”

“No. It’s really delicious,” said Kaizen with a smile as he emptied the plate.

“It’s been a while since I ate the food you made.”

“I’m glad you like it.”

Well, it’s the first time she’s made food since in the eastern countryside.

Kaizen raised a wine glass and gave her a charming smile.

“I told you. I like everything you give me.”

“Next time, I can just give you a lot of salt.”

Astelle responded lightly, but deep down she felt a little regretful.

I should’ve spent more time like this.

She felt that she had been too indifferent to him all along.

The glass jar Kaizen had brought was placed next to the table. The light from the fireplace reflected off the glass jar and cast a sparkling light shadow.

Astelle took the glass jar and examined each flower inside. On a closer look, the paper flowers also shimmer gently. Angela's Library