Chapter: 128

In the end, he walked over and called Wu Chenglin away, and the two of them went to drink tea and let others handle the affairs by the lake.

The next day, that is, Monday, Wang Xuan went to work normally. He felt that this kind of life was about to end, so he came to see it, and he silently bid farewell to his colleagues who had been with him for a short time.

Soon after, Lao Chen also came, his face was radiant, completely different from the last time when he was yawning, had bags under his eyes and didn't wake up, now Lao Chen is full of energy.

"Old Chen, I haven't seen you for a long time. You look good. By the way, how is your study of the Book of Changes going?" a colleague greeted.

"That broken book, quit!" Old Chen responded very simply, and then he directly called Wang Xuan out, ready to have a good chat.

"Going to work." Wang Xuan said after coming out.

"I'll give you a long vacation. It's a trivial matter for you to take a good rest recently." Lao Chen was very enthusiastic and fully exercised his rights to let him rest for a while.

"In that case, why don't you change the environment for me, I want to go to Xinxing." Wang Xuan said, instead of procrastinating, it's better to stop early, he has already made up his mind.

Old Chen turned his head to look at Wang Xuan, but he didn't expect him to take the initiative to go to Xinxing.

He rubbed his hands together, and said, "No problem, but there is fierce competition on the side of the chaebol's daughter and the widow's family."

Wang Xuan squinted at him, and said, "Old Chen, do you read too many novels from the old era? You should arrange it this way. After I arrive at Xinxing, you should let the daughter of the chaebol be my bodyguard. The widow will be my driver, that's about it."

Old Chen sighed: "Young people nowadays are just irritable. They don't know how to bear hardships and stand hard work from the beginning. If you come straight up, you will cross the river like a dragon. Your requirements are a bit high."

Seeing his seriousness, Wang Xuan seemed to be able to arrange it, so he also pretended to be deep, and said: "A person like me can understand the truth of Yuhua. Are you sorry if you don't arrange some top experts for me? My request not tall."

"It makes sense." Old Chen actually nodded, and said, "After you go to Xinxing's side, I'll make arrangements for you."

Wang Xuan didn't bother to respond, he thought that Lao Chen really didn't need any morals in order to become immortal, so he opened his eyes seriously and talked nonsense.

Old Chen thought for a while and said, "What do you think of the girl who fell into the lake after being kicked by you? Let her be your driver."

Wang Xuan ignored him, not wanting to listen to his nonsense.

"Xiao Wang, you look down on me, Old Chen, and our organization." Old Chen looked at him and said, "In the past, it would have been a bit difficult. But this time, Old Wu and the others begged to come here, so that the one who suffered What’s wrong with the little girl who kicked you as a driver, it can just help you cover up your identity. If you cooperate, you can be regarded as a key link, why are they not happy? They are definitely willing to cooperate.”

Wang Xuanhuo turned around and looked at Old Chen. The old man had urged him to go to Xinxing a while ago. It turned out that there was some cooperation plan, and he was sold in advance? !

"Old Chen, do you want to dig the fairy grass? I won't participate in this action!" Wang Xuan flatly refused. With so many organizations and powerful chaebols in Xinxing, no one has picked the fairy grass so far, but One can imagine how difficult it is, so he didn't want to be cannon fodder.

Old Chen couldn't help laughing, and said: "Where do you think you are? The Earth Immortal Grass Project is at the back, and it's not your turn yet. This operation is not dangerous. You have to trust my guarantee of personality, Old Chen."

Wang Xuan looked at him, he really had to believe this old colleague to hell!

Old Chen said: "Think about it, all the little girls from the Wu family will be involved as pilots for you, um, the pilot of a small spaceship, she has no problem with her skills. If she is all involved, what danger can there be?"

Wang Xuan looked at him, and always felt that he had too many ideas to be trusted, and he was still a bit old and outmoded.

"Old Chen, let's talk about business. Of course, let's say it first, you don't want to sell me to the Wu family, otherwise even if I teach you the method of immortalization, something will happen to you later."

Old Chen was naturally willing to listen to the secret of the Ascension Immortal Technique immediately, but he still added a sentence, saying: "Xiao Wang, don't think that what I said is unreliable, this time it is indeed they who came to beg us. I, who have the right to speak, are worthy of their solemn invitation. Now, they have further realized that some problems must be solved by people who practice old skills."

"Old Chen, seeing how confident you are, how far have you practiced your old skills?" Wang Xuan was really curious.

Old Chen smiled lightly, quite conceited, and said: "Let's put it this way, the Sun Chengkun who fought with you in Daheishan, when he was in the peak state before he was seriously injured, he was about the same age as me. , but every time we meet, I respectfully call me Mr. Chen.”

Suspect! Wang Xuan looked at him, and seriously doubted whether this was true or not. Is Lao Chen so perverted?

At this time, they had already walked to the abandoned machinery factory behind the design institute. Lao Chen often came to the pond here to fish. Angela's Library