Chapter: 129

"Did you see that piece of abandoned iron and steel machinery, as well as large gears, crushers, etc. When I was young, I often photographed them with my bare hands, and I often practiced exercises near there." Old Chen pointed to the rusty machinery in front of him. , a large piece of black, I don't know how many tons it weighs.

Having said that, he walked forward, patted a scrap steel plate more than ten centimeters thick, and said, "I haven't shot for many years."

Then he urged Wang Xuan to tell him the secret of the Ascension Immortal Technique.

Wang Xuan didn't intend to be perfunctory, this time he planned to benefit Old Chen, and he directly demonstrated the boxing techniques taught by the old monk.

He explained the first form while practicing, but he couldn't make a real punch, because the five internal organs needed to vibrate to exert force, and the difficulty was too high for the first time, so he could only describe it in words at this stage.

Old Chen was an expert, so he was amazed, and said: "It's amazing, it looks like Vajra Fist, but it's definitely not. For me, it's very difficult to practice, and it's worth the challenge."

Wang Xuan only taught him one pose, and told him that he could go back, and he would complete the rest of the poses tomorrow.

"Okay, no rush, I'll see you again tomorrow." Lao Chen nodded and left in a hurry, a little impatient to go to practice.

Wang Xuan was speechless, what he meant was that the old monk with bleeding eyes would go to find Lao Chen tonight, and the two of them had a good night together, and Lao Chen should be able to do everything.

After Lao Chen left, Wang Xuan also patted the steel plate with a thickness of more than ten centimeters, and his face immediately changed. The steel slag scattered on the place that Lao Chen just photographed, completely turned into fine debris .

He was really shocked, he gasped, Lao Chen was so perverted?

Wang Xuan recalled that the old colleague didn't seem to use much force just now, and just patted it lightly. This kind of strength is shocking and frightening.

"Next time I have to treat Lao Chen better. It's really a headache to be missed by such an extremely dangerous old colleague!" Wang Xuan sighed.

When Wang Xuan returned home in the evening, he started moaning and told the old monk that he could sit by Lao Chen's bed, because Lao Chen often went to Xinxing and could help him solve his wish.

Early the next morning, Old Chen came to find Wang Xuan. His eyes were bright red like the red eyes of a rabbit. He questioned Wang Xuan and said, "Xiao Wang, you are doing it again. You are hurting me again. I just sent away a Female alchemist, what do you mean by sending me another ghost monk now? I haven't recovered my sleep yet, and a new round has begun!"

Wang Xuan was surprised and asked, "Didn't he teach you that kind of boxing?"

Old Chen resented: "What are you teaching? He sat on my bed and stared at me all night. Every time I wanted to fall asleep, he would come closer. His dead gray eyes are quite scary. It's not as good as the fairy last time." Well, at least they keep their distance, and their real appearance is magnificent. How can it be like this one, it’s pitch black, and it smells of decay, and it doesn’t say anything, just looking down at me all night long!”

In view of the perverted old Chen's real strength, Wang Xuan decided to be serious, lest Lao Chen lose his mind and get mad. He told his experience in detail.

The next day, Old Chen became even more haggard, and came to Wang Xuan in grief and indignation, saying, "Xiao Wang, you cheated on me!"

"Why did I cheat you, I told you in detail what happened!" Wang Xuan really felt wronged.

"Based on your experience, I hit him on the head. As a result, he beat me alive in my spiritual realm!" Old Chen was distraught.

Lao Chen was beaten alive all night? !

After Wang Xuan heard it, he didn't know why, but he didn't think he was miserable, but wanted to grin out loud.

Of course, in order to avoid irritating Old Chen, he pretended to rub his temples with both hands, and then rubbed his face, in case that Old Chen would beat him up when he saw his unkind smile.

Taking this opportunity, Wang Xuan let out a sense of laughter, and then looked at Lao Chen with a serious face. There was no way, now that Lao Chen was too dangerous, he had to be more serious.

"Old Chen, you have to know that this world is balanced. When you gain something, you are also giving something. It is a terrifying boxing technique that surpasses Vajra Fist. It is not easy to get." Wang Xuan finally said in order to increase the sense of language Still sighing there.

Old Chen has always been shrewd, and he is strong enough to not be fooled so easily, so he sneered and said, "Then what about you, why didn't you get beaten?"

Wang Xuan was also wondering, he was indeed a little confused this time, why Lao Chen was beaten up by the old monk when the same method didn't work.

He actually wanted to say that it was probably a matter of character, and that Old Chen's character was not good enough, but he didn't dare to mention that, so he could only insist: "I paid the price too!"

It's good that Lao Chen didn't listen to this, but when he heard it, he became angry, and said coldly: "What have you paid? From the female alchemist to the ghost monk, what you have paid is me!" Angela's Library