Chapter: 130

Old Chen was full of resentment. He thought about it carefully, and every time he came to take the offer, he didn't get any of the benefits he expected, and suffered for nothing.

"Old Chen, why are you talking, don't be so nasty." Wang Xuan naturally refused to admit that he had to compare himself with Old Chen in order to balance his mind.

After talking about a bunch of "history of blood and tears" that didn't exist, Wang Xuan added: "Furthermore, Lao Chen, to borrow your logic, you paid for Aoki."

Old Chen immediately looked bad, and said: "Are you reminding me that you paid for our master and apprentice?!"

In fact, Wang Xuan has also been wondering why Lao Chen was beaten. Is this a karmic succession, and the old monk turned to take revenge on Lao Chen?

"Old Chen, I can swear, I just gave him a stick to get what he wanted! Don't worry, let's replay, tell me about your experience, and we can figure out a solution together."

"Do you really want to know the details of my beating?" Old Chen was full of murderous looks, and things were not going well recently, so he was really angry.

Although he really wanted to hear how he was beaten up, but for the sake of safety, Wang Xuan naturally refused to admit it, and immediately changed the subject, saying: "By the way, which branch of Buddhism does Pufa Temple belong to?"

"Eh?!" Old Chen was taken aback, then became serious, he realized the problem.

Wang Xuan said casually that he wanted to explore the source of this thousand-year-old temple and get more clues, but after he finished speaking, he was startled and figured out something.

"Zen!" The two spoke at the same time.

"The heart is the Buddha!"

"Seeing one's nature and becoming a Buddha!"

The "Six Patriarch Altar Sutra" records: Once you hear the words, you will be greatly enlightened, and you will suddenly see the true nature and the free nature of all dharmas.

"Old Chen, what people talk about is epiphany and following the heart. For example, I acted according to the heart at the time. Although it was a little disrespectful, it was... recognized. As for you, you are obviously a full-fledged person, thinking about other people's experiences. Wen, but you still have to put on a show, go up and hit someone on the head, if I were an old monk, I wouldn't like you, and if I don't beat you alive, who will I beat all night!"

Old Chen heard the words and looked up at the sky. He just wanted to sigh at this moment and didn't want to say anything.

Since he mentioned Zen Buddhism, he naturally fully understood the crux of the problem and turned around to leave.

"Old Chen, do you want me to teach you the rest of the moves?" Wang Xuan was very enthusiastic, ready to do it to the end.

"No, I'm afraid your actions are not standard!" Lao Chen was disgusted, and decided to face the ghost monk tonight and completely empty out the scriptures on his body.

Old Chen was really powerful, he got what he wanted that night, and he no longer suffered from insomnia. From this day on, he hid in a small courtyard outside the city, thanked guests behind closed doors, and practiced that kind of boxing hard.

Aoki and the others went to the Daxinganling underground and never returned, and there was no news for a long time.

Wang Xuan's life became quiet, and Lao Chen gave him special approval and gave him a long vacation. He had a lot of time every day to study old techniques.

He was also looking through Daozang, not trying to dig out any inheritance from it, but just to understand some code words and proper nouns, etc., so as to further understand the secret methods of the ancient period.

During this period, he went home and had a deep talk with his parents, saying that the company saw his outstanding performance and was going to send him to Xinxing for further studies. The quota and opportunity were rare, and he didn't want to miss it.

To his surprise, his parents were very supportive, there was no sadness or reluctance, and the comforting words he had prepared were useless.

He thought about it, from childhood to adulthood, his parents always seemed to be like this, their hearts were a little big, and they never had any sorrow at all.

This also made him heave a sigh of relief. If his face was full of tears and he couldn't eat, he would probably hesitate and would not go on the road for a long time.

Not long after, Aoki began sending messages, telling Wang Xuan that he had been tortured miserably, and truly felt the pain of his master at night, unable to sleep every day, and even being struck by lightning!

He explained that he suffered from the disaster of the fish in the pond, so he was eaten and hung up.

The female sorcerer's methods of leveraging the world have become more and more amazing, and she has carried out a large-scale "spiritual lightning" impact on everyone in the underground experimental field. Angela's Library