Chapter: 131

The researchers from Nova didn't believe this at first, thinking that it was an illusion caused by some kind of supermaterial factor, and they brought the most advanced instruments from Nova to conduct screening and detection, record observation and research.

Moreover, neither Ms. Zheng, the founder of the Institute of Origins, nor some people in the old land, do not want to terminate the experiment, and place high hopes on the subject of extending longevity.

Obviously, either the people in the scientific research institute will carry out the experiment to the end, or the female alchemist's means of intervening in the world will be further improved, so that Ms. Zheng from Xinxing and some people from the old land can "experience" it personally.

For a while, the matter fell into a stalemate.

Wang Xuan was not in a hurry, and slowly waited for Lao Chen and Qing Mu. He was studying the old skills every day and practicing the boxing skills of the old monk.

After another week or so, he received several letters from afar.

The first letter was from Qin Cheng, and it was sent to Wang Xuan through the deep space trade team that cooperated with his family.

"Old Wang, I have gained a firm foothold here. Because of some kind of coincidence, I have the opportunity to recommend you to others. If I succeed, I can bring you to the new moon."

In the letter, Qin Cheng provided him with an address, which was the branch of a certain Xinxing company in Jiutu, and asked him to try to contact it himself to increase his success.

"Old Wang, there are good things on the new moon. Several rare plants undergo mutation experiments and large-scale planting on the new moon. A certain number of dead plants are allowed to report damage every day. I am painful and happy. Due to my limited strength, I can't bear that kind of medicine for tigers and wolves, and taking one plant in half a month is already the limit of my body."

Wang Xuan was moved, why is the tiger wolf medicine so powerful?

"An Guanghan Palace was actually built on the new moon. I was almost dumbfounded when I came here. It claims to be the most luxurious resort in the deep sky. It is worth going to, but with my wealth, I can only watch it from a distance. .”

In addition to talking about some main points, Qin Cheng also mentioned a lot of trivial matters.

"There is a strange thing on the new moon. There is actually an ancient temple with a history of two thousand years, which was transported from the old soil. In addition, a certain ancestral home of Taoism was also restored here. It is said that every brick and tile was transported from the original site. Yes, I always feel that there is some secret."

After seeing this, Wang Xuan was a little moved, but also doubtful.

Then there were letters from Su Chan and Zhou Kun, who told Wang Xuan that two of their classmates had died due to some unexpected circumstances.

They were sentimental and did not say the cause of death, but it is conceivable that behind all the good things there are cruel sacrifices.

Wang Xuan sighed, in less than a month, two of his classmates died one after another, it was really unexpected.

He still remembered that at the party on the last night, the students who were about to go to Xinxing were full of spirits and wanted to make a big achievement. Their self-confidence and youthful faces were incomparably brilliant, so why did something happen suddenly? What a pity!

He was about to go to Xinxing, and he secretly reminded himself not to be careless.

In addition, he also received a letter written by Qinghan Zhao, and told him about the death of his classmate. In addition, Goddess Zhao once again mentioned the matter of cooperation.

Two days later, when Aoki came back, the underground affairs of Daxing'an Mountains finally came to an end, and he didn't go into details.

On the contrary, when he mentioned Wang Xuan's matter, his face was serious, and he said: "It's a little unexpected, someone wants to hold you in the old soil, and won't let you take a step out."

Wang Xuan frowned, some people stretched their hands too far, everywhere, trying to completely block his way to Xinxing.

After knowing that Aoki came back, Lao Chen finally left the customs, his face was flushed, in his words, the monk's boxing technique was infinitely mysterious, he gained a lot, and saw a way.

Wang Xuan looked at him. Not long ago, this old colleague called him a ghost monk. Now that he got a benefit, he immediately called him a god monk. It is estimated that he should call him a bodhisattva in a while.

"It's a joke to want to put Xiao Wang in the old soil, have you asked me?" Old Chen sneered.

Then he looked at Wang Xuan and said, "Some incidents are about to happen recently. Don't you always want to know how strong I am and what the new technique is? You can go and see it with me."

Aoki's face immediately changed when he heard it, and he said: "Master, you can't go, this time is very dangerous, there is no need to fight between emotions, if you are not careful, you will die."

"It's been many years, and I haven't done it again. In addition, some old friends have passed away one after another. They really think that the old art is completely over, and they will be more and more contemptuous of me. If this continues, there will be fewer and fewer people practicing the old art in the future. , the foundation will be completely collapsed. Besides, that thing was born again, this time I have to take a trip!" Angela's Library