Chapter: 132

Old Chen said in a deep voice, his temperament was different from the past, and finally looked at Wang Xuan, and said, "You and I go and see."

Wang Xuan was in awe, Lao Chen wanted to stand up and fight a way for the old technique!

The current general atmosphere is very bad, the old technique has been officially abandoned, many people think that the new technique is the hope, and those who practice the old technique have nowhere to go.

If things go on like this, no one will practice the old skills again, and this road will soon be completely broken.

"Mr. Zheng passed away three years ago, Mr. Miao passed away last autumn, Mr. Sun passed away last winter, and Mr. Zhong passed away this spring. Although they are all over 100 years old, none of them can break through that boundary, and none of them can cross the threshold. It's a pity, they all died." Aoki sighed, with a heavy heart, and said: "In the eventful autumn, the four elders of the old art passed away one after another , and an era is almost completely over."

He didn't say some things. It was precisely because of the passing away of important figures on the road of old arts in the past few years that it seemed more and more precious.

After all, those people were very famous when they were alive, and they had contacts with many powerful forces. When they were at their strongest personally decades ago, they cooperated closely with major organizations and had friendship with all parties.

In recent years, they have died one after another, and the old art has almost broken the relationship with all parties.

"Don't you still have me? How can I say that I can be considered an old man in the field of old arts?" Old Chen said.

Aoki suddenly became extremely serious, and said: "Because of this, it is even more inappropriate for you to make a move. If you fall down again, master, the old technique will become more and more dim. In the eyes of many, the old art is almost over!"

Wang Xuan was really surprised. Is Lao Chen so strong? He looks like he is only in his fifties or sixties. In terms of fame, he can stand shoulder to shoulder with the four elders of the old arts who are over a hundred years old ?

Aoki seemed to see what he was thinking, and said: "My master is based on real achievements. Although he is not as old as the old four masters and his reputation is not as good, everyone knows his strength."

Wang Xuan's heart skipped a beat. It seemed that he had underestimated the danger of Old Chen. He was too strong. No wonder Old Chen said that Sun Chengkun, who was in the same age group, would automatically be demoted when they saw him.

"Old Chen, take it easy, why do I feel that Aoki is very pessimistic, don't be brave." Wang Xuan was really worried about him, and asked what was going on?

"There is nothing new under the sun. Old techniques, mechas, genetic super-body, plus the current new techniques, every once in a while it depends on the strength to speak. This time, a historical treasure was unearthed in the old soil. Fang is about to touch his head. Presumably, someone wants to knock down the old technique, press it down completely, and never give us a chance to turn around. So, Lao Chen, I can't help it, and after many years, I want to make another move."

Lao Chen spoke in a very flat tone, but Wang Xuan immediately realized the horror and danger involved, and this meeting seemed very unfriendly to Lao Shu.

"Someone has to stand up." Lao Chen was still very calm, but it made people understand his firm belief and fearlessness.

Aoki naturally knows the powerful relationship. If Lao Chen doesn't go out, other superpowers in the field of old arts will not be able to compete with mechs, new arts, genetic super bodies, etc. From then on, old arts are destined to die slowly.

Wang Xuan couldn't help but said: "Old Chen, can your strength improve in the short term? What do you need?"

He was really afraid that Lao Chen would be beaten to death. At such an age, he went to the meeting because the blood in his heart was not cold, so he must not put himself in it in the end.

Old Chen nodded, and said: "If there are extraordinary skills, unique secret methods, etc., I may refer to them."

Wang Xuan thought for a while and said, "I have an extremely powerful physical skill. Although it is not suitable for practice because it will kill people, it is really profound. I wonder if it can inspire you."

He mentioned Zhang Daoling's five-page golden book. This kind of physical skill is too difficult to practice, but there is no doubt that once you understand it, you can definitely master the terrifying and boundless power.

He had just mastered the opening gesture, so he blocked Sun Chengkun and survived a fatal catastrophe.

Aoki was startled, and quickly stopped him, saying: "No, that thing will kill you as soon as you practice it. My master practiced half a chapter back then. Since then, his hair has not changed back to gray. It is a miracle that he can not die. At this stage Might touch it again.”

Wang Xuan was amazed, old Chen had practiced a series of gymnastics?

After so many years, although Lao Chen's hair has not turned black, it is not completely white either. It is stable in the state of the year and there is nothing serious.

"Back then, the four elders of the old art came to one of the ancestral courts of Taoism together, and they jointly put pressure on me to obtain the secrets of the Zhenjiao there. It seems like it was yesterday, but it's a pity that the four elders passed away one after another." Old Chen for a while Sigh.

Wang Xuan was moved, the four elders of the old arts really cared for the younger generation, and for Lao Chen to force one of the ancestral courts of Taoism, it is indeed remarkable and admirable.

"Unfortunately, after I studied it, I couldn't support it after half a chapter. If the four elders hadn't tried their best to save me, I wouldn't be where I am now." Lao Chen thought of the four elders' kindness, and was a little sad. Angela's Library