Chapter: 133

Aoki was also very sad, he naturally went with his master to visit those old people, the fourth elder took good care of him, but he was not smooth on the road of old art, far from being able to compare with Lao Chen.

Wang Xuan had a good impression of those old people through just a few words, but unfortunately, they all died in the past few years.

"I've shamed the master." Aoki bowed his head.

Old Chen shook his head, and said: "I don't reject all ways to strengthen myself, such as new techniques, genes, and mechs. I can tolerate and learn from them. You have almost reached the end of the old technique. Right way."

Aoki was depressed, he practiced hard and tried his best, and his final achievement was similar to that of Sun Chengkun after the injury.

In the end, Aoki sighed: "I hope Senior Brother Wei will succeed and reach a brilliant height in the field of old arts, so as not to disappoint Master. It's just that he has been gone for ten years and has not heard from him. I am very worried."

Old Chen didn't say any more, but looked at Wang Xuan, and said, "I don't dare to practice the physical skills left by Zhang Daoling. I don't think the things from the source of Taoism are suitable for me now. Instead, they are the mysterious things I got from the old monk. Boxing made me see a way."

Then he warned Wang Xuan, saying: "I don't think you should think about those few pages of the golden book right now. Although I haven't read it, I know that this kind of thing is an extremely powerful physical skill even if it reaches the level of ascension." , don’t mess around and use up yourself.”

Wang Xuan nodded. He has only practiced the opening gesture on the first page at this stage. This is only achieved by constantly repairing the internal organs with the help of strong mysterious factors in the interior scene.

"Do you have any other old methods? Similar to the ones handed down by the gods and monks, such as what the female alchemist left for you, I think it may inspire me." Old Chen asked.

Wang Xuan sighed, this is really old Chen, this is what he looks like.

In the early days, Wang Xuan was very moved because of the old technique and the four elders, so he took the initiative to bring up the five-page golden book, but now he realizes that he may have been tricked by Lao Chen.

"She didn't leave me anything, and I'll send you off when I meet the right one in the future." Wang Xuan said frankly.

Old Chen was taken aback, he knew very well that if Xiao Wang gave him something new, something would happen to him!

At the same time, he couldn't bear it any longer, and asked, "What's the matter with you? You can communicate with a female alchemist, and you can also send out an old monk. Is there any..."

Old Chen was a little unnatural and quite vigilant. He seriously suspected that there was something around Wang Xuan now, and he really couldn't see through it.

"It's gone, I'll give it to you when I have a chance." Wang Xuan grinned.

At this moment, Lao Chen was a little nervous, and Aoki was even more horrified, why not? What is Xiao Wang's condition? Is he born with the physique to attract ghosts?

"I think, I may be more favored by the immortals. From the fairy to the old monk, it seems to prove this indirectly. So, old Chen, don't worry, I will send you off slowly in the future!"

Aoki wanted to turn around and leave, but he still said he would not recruit ghosts? !

Old Chen also felt chills on his back, thinking that this kid was too weird, if he had nothing to do, he would send ghosts to others, who would bear it?

He has personally experienced it twice. It doesn't matter if the female alchemist doesn't mention it, and even the old monk has mentioned it through Wang Xuan, so he seized the opportunity.

If Wang Xuan secretly released a few more "new saints", Lao Chen would feel like he was going crazy.

Old Chen didn't want to think about this kind of thing anymore, looked at Wang Xuan, and said, "You have recharged your energy these few days, and we will go to the meeting in four days, and then you may have a chance to make a move."

"Good!" Wang Xuan nodded.

Then, Lao Chen mentioned his going to Xinxing, saying: "It's actually very simple, we don't need to spend anything on our own, just let the Wu family solve it. They are very proactive and determined to cooperate with us."

"Old Chen, you sold me?" Wang Xuan looked at him.

"No." Old Chen shook his head, and asked him instead, "Did something happen to you with the little girl from the Wu family? I didn't sell you, so why do you think, instead, she wanted to take the initiative to buy you, so I found someone in Ancheng to check As for you, it seems that they want to recruit you into her family's expedition team. Yes, Xiao Wang, I didn't expect you to be ambiguous with her, take it easy, don't let Lao Wu find out and block the two of you."

"What's not clear, Da... Wu, I really hold a grudge. This is obviously to make it easier for me to deal with me. She is too narrow-minded, and it is out of proportion to her figure."

Wang Xuan asked Aoki to help him pay attention, don't really let Wu Yin make any splashes. Angela's Library