Chapter: 134

In the next few days, Wang Xuan lived quite peacefully, adjusted his body to the best condition, and kept his spirit extremely vigorous, just waiting for Lao Chen to call him to set off.

Finally, when the day of departure came, Wang Xuan came to the familiar manor on the outskirts of Ancheng ahead of schedule, and would set off from here after all the people arrived.

"Do you want to wear a simulated human skin mask?" Aoki asked him.

Wang Xuan nodded. At this stage, after all, he still can't completely defend against energy guns and special bullets. If he can keep a low profile, he should try to keep a low profile.

"Now is not the old days. Everyone's trajectory has traces to follow. If you really want to investigate a person, you can dig out clues sooner or later."

Aoki told him that no matter how cautious he is, his true identity cannot be concealed, and it will be revealed sooner or later.

Wang Xuan naturally understands, but he just needs this buffer period. Once he has practiced the Golden Body Art to the seventh or eighth level, he will have confidence. It is estimated that all kinds of conventional firearms will not be able to kill him at that time.

"Where is the location this time?" Wang Xuan asked.

"Originally going to the moon, or Mars, but considering that they are very unfriendly to the old art this time, it is safe to stay in the old land."

After all, once deep into space, if there is a change, no one can predict what will happen, and the strong mechs will obviously have a great advantage.

In the end, the location this time was chosen as Congling in Jiutu.

When Lao Chen arrived, his short and dense silver hair was very shiny, and his temperament was completely different. His eyes were as sharp as knives, vaguely stabbing people like steel needles.

If he hadn't opened his mouth to speak, Wang Xuan would not have been convinced that this was Lao Chen. Compared with his usual calm and calm, he seemed to be a different person.

Especially, when he put on a cold silver mask, he couldn't recognize it at all, and couldn't associate it with his old colleague's usual gentle appearance.

Lao Chen nodded to Qingmu and Wang Xuan, said nothing, went to a quiet room to rest, his whole body was profound, quiet, as motionless as a mountain.

The simulated human skin mask chosen by Wang Xuan this time is a typical oriental young man's face, youthful and full of vigor.

He heard from Aoki that there are all kinds of people in the opponent, across races, from different organizations, and different alliances, so he deliberately chose this mask.

"It's time to go." Standing in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows, Aoki saw a large silver-gray spaceship appear from the end of the sky, slowed down, and landed on the large apron behind the manor.

It was actually from the Wu family, and important people came, and they wanted to accompany Lao Chen to Congling, of course, to witness a fierce confrontation.

In any case, at this juncture, when the prospects were not clear, and even said to be bleak, the Wu family still came and took the responsibility of sending Lao Chen there, which was enough to show their sincerity.

Wang Xuan knew that the Wu family encountered some troubles, and it seemed that only people who practiced old skills could help them, which made him a little puzzled.

"Just the three of us going?" Wang Xuan was surprised, except for him, Lao Chen and Aoki, there was no one else going with him.

"It's enough for the three of us to go there, and it's mainly my master who makes the move." Aoki's heart was heavy, looking at his master's back, he didn't know what to do.

He added that there are also masters of old arts from other places who will go there and meet in Congling. At the same time, relevant departments of the old land will also go, which can be regarded as endorsement and deterrence.

Wu Chenglin came out to greet Lao Chen in person, very polite and respectful.

Wu Yin followed Old Wu, her dress was decent, her figure was superb, her fair and beautiful face had a soft and slightly sweet smile, after showing respect to Old Chen, she warmly greeted Aoki and Wang Xuan.

Wang Xuan was surprised that Da Wu actually had such a side, and it seemed that she was treated differently. The few times he met, he had a taste of her super temper.

"This is..." Wu Yin smiled, she was slim, her complexion was fair and shiny, and she was polite yet gentle.

"He is Wang Xiao." Aoki introduced.

"You can call me Xiao Wang." Wang Xuan's voice was magnetic, and there was nothing he could do about it. After changing his voice, the sound quality was the most normal, and at the same time, it was still pleasant to hear. Angela's Library