Chapter: 247

With the help of the incense found at home and self-meditation, he made his perception ethereal and entered a state where he could perform ritual magic.

In the voice of Zi, Lumian "dropped" gray amber perfume and tulip powder into the candle representing the god.

A strange fragrance filled the air, and everything seemed magical.

Lumian glanced at the cheat sheet next to the altar, took a step back, looked at the burning candle, and shouted in a deep voice in ancient Hermes:

"The power of fate!"

"The power of fate!"

As the ancient Hermes language was uttered, Lumian suddenly felt that the light inside the altar became much dimmer, and the orange candle flame swayed violently in the invisible wind, and was compressed to the size of a single pepper.

At the same time, his chest began to heat up, his head was a little dizzy, and his ears were buzzing, as if he was about to hear the terrifying voice coming from infinite distance and close to him again.

Lumi calmed down, and suddenly thought of one thing:

The pollution in his body was sealed by the owner of the blue-black symbol. Even if he meditated deeply and faced the sacrificial dance, he could only make the thorn symbol stand out, dissipate a little breath, and could not mobilize the corresponding power .

Now this ritual can bypass the seal and absorb the "gift"?

Unless, the owner of the blue and black symbol, that great existence, has acquiesced!

Thinking of the determined attitude of the mysterious lady, Lumian felt a little better, and even suspected that the ceremony itself included a part of asking for the permission of a great being.

As for which part it was, he didn't have enough knowledge of mysticism to guess.

During the ceremony, Lumian didn't dare to delay, but after thinking about it a few times, he began to chant the follow-up mantra in ancient Hermes:

"You are the past, the present, and the future;

"You are the cause, the effect, and the process."

Word after word echoed in the closed altar, no matter the floor or the utensils, there were obvious squirms, as if countless weird things were about to come out and enter the ruins of this dream.


A black wind appeared out of nowhere, surrounding Lumian, and the candle flame, which was compressed to the size of a pepper grain, expanded at once, turning it silvery-white with black.

Lumian once again heard the voice that always made him on the verge of death and out of control, but a faint gray mist appeared in the altar at some point, and they all gathered around him.

This made him feel somewhere between deep meditation and seeing the "noodle man" dance. There was also quite a bit of confusion.

Barely controlling himself, Lumian continued the ceremony:

"I pray to you,

"Pray for your grace,

"I pray that you will bestow upon me the power of a 'dancer'.

"Tulip, the herb that belongs to fate, please pass on the power to my mantra!

"Grey Amber, the herb that belongs to fate, please pass on the power to my spell!"

As the ceremony progressed, Lumian's tinnitus and dizziness became more and more serious, and there seemed to be countless worms moving under the skin.

Finally, he finished reciting the mantra. Angela's Library