Chapter: 248

Almost at the same time, the silver, white and black candle flame instantly condensed and turned into a beam of light, shining on his left chest.

Immediately, a silver-black illusory liquid flowed out, quickly wrapping Lumian inside, making him look both evil and terrifying.

He felt that every inch of his skin was being pricked by needles, and the muscles and ligaments were completely torn apart. The mysterious voice became extremely clear, as if it was directly ringing in his mind.

Lumian was suddenly swallowed by severe pain, and his mind was almost blurred.

All his blood vessels became scorching hot, as if burning from the inside out.

This situation is more serious than the near-death state brought about by his previous deep meditation.

He could only grit his teeth and persevere, try his best to control the chaotic spirit, so as not to let himself completely lose his mind, as for other things, he could no longer take care of them.

In the attack like a violent wind and huge waves, he was in a trance, and he had no way of knowing how long time had passed.

Finally, the terrible pain disappeared, and Lumian suddenly felt relaxed, as if he had lifted a heavy burden of a thousand catties in an instant, or got out of the bottom of the water.

He quickly regained his thoughts and looked up.

The candlelight returned to its original state, but it still showed a silvery white with black color.

As soon as Lumian regained consciousness, he immediately took two steps forward, stretched out his hand and extinguished the candle representing himself, so as not to cause any accidents.

Then there is the root that symbolizes the gods.

Following the procedure to end the ceremony step by step, and during the process of lifting the spiritual wall, he felt exhausted and sore, as if he had fought a battle with a monster.

Not long after, the dining table was cleared, and Lumian began to examine his own state, and found that there was a lot of knowledge in his mind out of thin air.

There are three main parts to this:

Part of it is how to use the combination of dance movements, rhythm and own spirituality to mobilize the surrounding natural forces and pray to unspecified existence. This is the core knowledge of "dancers". With it, Lumian can not only pray to the fate Pray, and in the future, according to different situations and different harvests, you can design a new sacrificial dance by yourself to "please" other existences.

The second and third parts are examples of the first part.

The former is what Lumian wants most at the moment, that is, the mysterious dance performed by the "noodle man".

With this mysterious sacrificial dance, Lumian can activate the black thorn symbol on his chest when exploring the ruins of the dream, suppressing or weakening the powerful monsters there.

The third part is another weird dance. It is not like offering sacrifices, but closer to a mixture of offering sacrifices and summoning.

Using it, Lumian can attract certain things around him, and then at the cost of blood, let one of them attach to himself, thereby using a certain ability or characteristic of it.

Of course, the premise is that Lumian must be able to withstand this kind of possession, and some things will bring a lot of negative effects after they are attached to humans, and some are even unwilling to leave, which will cause big trouble.

So Lumian feels that it is too dangerous to try not to try before knowing what problems will arise if you have enough understanding of the "summoned" things.

The importance of occult knowledge is reflected again at this time. Lumian urgently needs things such as "Mysterious Creatures Illustrated Book" and "Spiritual Creatures Illustrated Book". Impossible to know that much.

Immediately afterwards, Lumian moved his body and found that his flexibility had indeed been greatly improved.

Although it can't reach the level of "noodle man", a mutated monster with reorganized organs, it is better than almost all normal humans, and it can dance that mysterious sacrificial dance.

Crack, Lumian kicked back and easily touched the back of his head.

He nodded in satisfaction, and silently muttered to himself:

"That's right, you can do many moves that you couldn't do before, and the fighting ability of 'Hunter' has also become a lot stronger." Angela's Library