Chapter: 249

Lumian tried to take off that mysterious dance to adapt to his current body and master the corresponding movements, hoping to shorten the time to complete a period of dancing as much as possible.

Sometimes he is sonorous and powerful, as if he is fighting, and sometimes he is soft and gentle, as if he is expressing something, but they are all very rhythmic.

Jumping and jumping, Lumian's spirituality began to spread out, combining with some natural forces around him.

Gradually, his thoughts began to be single-minded, his spirit became quiet, and he entered a certain ethereal and wonderful state.

This allowed him to sense all kinds of subtle things around him, as if he had opened his spiritual vision.

At the same time, he also seems to be connected with the invisible power in his body.

His chest was hot again, and the terrifying voice came faintly but not realistic enough.

Huh... Lumian stopped dancing, unbuttoned his clothes, and looked at his chest.

Sure enough, the black thorns symbol reappeared, and the green and black one also stood out a little bit.

Lumian's spirit instantly became a little confused, but it wasn't serious, which perfectly achieved the effect he wanted.

Then, he began to calculate the specific time from the appearance to the disappearance of the black thorn symbol.

This looks like about a minute.

After buttoning up his clothes, Lumian tried another weird dance.

This dance is sometimes crazy, like a lunatic performing there, and sometimes twisted, it is difficult to describe in words.

During the jump, Lumian's spirituality diffused out again, combined with some natural forces around him, and "spreaded" farther away.

In the last third of the dance, he suddenly sensed something strange approaching.

Three figures stood out on the glass of the window on the first floor.

They were skinless monsters, shotgun monsters, and mouthparts monsters with black marks, but their figures were all very blurred and transparent, obviously only some spirituality and obsession remained.

"Is this the Victims' Complaint Conference?" Lumian murmured in his heart amusedly after discovering what was "summoned".

At this time, as long as he took out the ritual silver dagger during the dance, cut a hole in his body, and let out a little blood, he could let one of the three figures attach to him, thereby borrowing some of their abilities or characteristics.

Although Lumian was very envious of the "invisibility" of the mouthparts monster, he didn't know what would happen if the monster he killed attached to himself, so he could only forcefully hold back the impulse and insisted on finishing the weird dance.

When jumping to the last few movements, he inexplicably heard a series of weak and small voices.

It was as if there were many people communicating in a certain place, and he heard him through the wall, which was not real and clear.

And as Lumian carefully discerned, he found that these sounds seemed to come from his own body, from the sealed pollution!

The last action was over, and Lumian stood there, wondering to himself:

"What did you hear?"

He is now a semi-literate person in the field of mysticism. He can't think of the source at all, so he can only choose to give up. Anyway, this will not be more terrifying than the pollution itself.

After those small voices completely subsided, Lumian, who had practiced two mysterious dances, confirmed that the "dancer" also brought spiritual enhancement.

Although the current him is probably not as good as those Sequence Nines who are famous for their spirituality, he has also got rid of the shackles of "Hunter".

He thinks it should be at the upper middle level. Angela's Library