Chapter: 250

"The shortcomings have been made up for." Lumian was very happy about this.

He didn't think about enduring the power of the "dancer". After encountering the corresponding pollution, what kind of abnormal changes will gradually appear in his body. After all, he can't stop it, so it's better not to think about it.

Rubbing his tired head, Lumian decided to rest tonight and return to the real world to squat that owl!

When Lumian opened his eyes, his spirituality had been restored, and his body was no longer sore.

He suddenly turned over and sat up, walked to the table, and opened the curtains in a hurry.

At this time, the sky was still dark, the red moon was slanting in the sky, and the stars were dotted with stars. On the elm tree not far away, the huge owl with bright eyes appeared again, looking down at Lumian.

Lumian was neither surprised nor angry, showing a bright smile.

"You're here again." He greeted enthusiastically, but no matter his body movements, tone of voice, or expression on his face, the target would suddenly have an urge to beat him up.

The owl looked at him for a few seconds, spread its wings, and flew into the depths of darkness.

Almost at the same time, Aurora left her bedroom, turned the handle, and entered Lumian's room.

"How is it?" Lumian asked quickly.

Aurora nodded:

"'Blank paper' has followed."

Her light blue eyes have long since become dark, and inside are trees that are constantly receding and growing.

She then took out the mercury-plated mirror, put it on Lumian's table, and then used the light white powder to cast a spell that would present what she saw on the mirror.

Lumian successfully saw the figure of the owl, which was circling and flying over the Kordu village at night at a relatively low altitude, circling around, as if trying to get rid of possible tracking, but the "white paper" was the soul The creatures in the world are quite fast, and they are not affected at all, and they always keep a certain distance.

After a minute or two the owl circled the village square.

It didn't hesitate anymore, and flew directly into the cemetery next to the church.

"Why is it here again?" Lumian couldn't help sighing.

The last time the siblings peeped at Michelle Gary, the "lizard" that came out of the priest's mouth ended up in the cemetery, going in and out of different graves!

"It can't be that the cemetery is often used as the villain's settlement and hiding place in the story, is it the same in reality?" Lumian glanced sideways at his sister.

Aurora sneered:

"Do you know what it means to be inspired by reality?"

"Also..." Lumian approved of a professional writer's creative explanation.

At this moment, the owl flew over an ordinary grave.

Like most of the tombs of Intis, a large pit is dug on the ground, the coffin is placed, then filled with soil, and finally one or two stone slabs are laid, and a tombstone is erected behind it.

The above part is Lumian's imagination and speculation, but at least from the appearance, he can't see anything unusual about the tomb.

The owl lowered its height and landed on the two stone slabs that sealed the tomb.

With the help of the sight of the "blank paper", Aurora and Lumian found some suspicious traces:

The corresponding tombstone was blank, with nothing; the surface of the stone slab that should have been dirty and overgrown with weeds was clean, as if someone often came to clean it. Angela's Library