Chapter: 251

"There is something wrong with this grave." Aurora commented.

As soon as she finished speaking, the two stone slabs that sealed the tomb suddenly fell down.

No, not a drop, closer to opening the concept.

They opened inward like a pair of doors, revealing a dark space and stone stairs going deep.

"Yo." Lumian was surprised and "admired" at the same time, "It's spacious enough!"

This is completely different from the ordinary tomb he imagined. It is more like a mausoleum, with a lot of space for the tomb.

"There is still such a place in Kordu..." Auror originally thought that she had lived in the elementary school for six years and knew everything about Kordu village. As a result, she recently found that this place is becoming more and more unfamiliar. It's getting weirder too.

While the siblings were talking, the owl flew down the stairs to the depths of the "mausoleum".

The corresponding underground space is not an exaggeration. As soon as "Blank Paper" finished following the stairs, he saw a tomb.

The tomb was about the size of Lumian's kitchen, with a black coffin in the middle.

The coffin was not closed, the lid leaned against the side and rested on the ground.

The owl flapped its wings and flew over, landed on the edge of the coffin, and stood there.

"That dead wizard?" Lumian tensed up.

Aurora gave a "hmm" and asked "Bai Zhi" to move closer in that direction, looking into the coffin from afar.

Almost at the same time, Lumian found a figure standing vaguely in the corner of the tomb.

Just as he was about to remind his sister to see who it was, the "blank paper" had already cast its "line of sight" into the open coffin.

With a bang, the mercury mirror in front of the two exploded like an explosion, and Auror let out a low, painful scream.

Lumian hurriedly turned his head and looked at his sister, only to see that she had closed her eyes tightly, shed bloody tears one after another, and the muscles on her cheeks were pulling uncontrollably, as if they were about to split a gap.

Without waiting for the semi-literate occultist to respond, Aurora took out a short stick of incense from the secret bag, and fumbled to light it with a match.

The faint fragrance permeates, long and shallow, making people feel peaceful physically and mentally.

The abnormality on Aurora's face gradually subsided. Finally, she let out a long breath and wiped away the blood and tears with the handkerchief she carried with her.

"Are you okay?" Lumian asked with concern.

Aurora closed her eyes tightly, but did not open them:

"The problem is not serious. After I catch up on sleep later, my eyes should recover. I am really grateful that the 'blank paper' is too fragile. Sometimes, a weakness can also be an advantage!"

She was overjoyed.

"Huh?" Lumian didn't understand.

Aurora laughed at herself:

"To put it simply, I saw something I shouldn't have seen, but the 'blank paper' was very fragile. I only aimed at a little bit, and I didn't even look at it. I suffered serious trauma and retracted into the spirit world, which also affected me. It's also much smaller, otherwise it wouldn't be so easy to control just now, it might be very troublesome."

The world of occultism is really dangerous... Lumian has truly realized what it means to "don't look at what you shouldn't".

He waited for his sister to recover a bit before asking: Angela's Library