Chapter: 252

"What did 'Blank Paper' aim at, and why did it cause so much damage?"

"I just saw a little silver-black light." Aurora didn't dare to recall, "As for the things that can cause harm just by seeing them, there may be items that reveal divinity, or high-sequence items." Mythical creature form, perhaps something cursed and malevolent..."

"Mythical creature form?" Lumian had never heard of this term before.

Aurora casually explained:

"The essence of the path of God is to transform extraordinary people into the direction of gods. At Sequence 4, we can have our own mythical creature form, but it is not complete, and people under Sequence 4 just see this form. will get hurt, and may even outright spin out of control."

Is the saint so powerful? They and the Extraordinary under Sequence 4 are like two kinds of creatures... No wonder they can be called demigods after Sequence 4... Lumian instantly understood how ignorant he was before, and even felt that he had the title of demigod Sequence is not fundamentally different from the Extraordinary below.

Instead he said:

"Aurora, when 'Blank Paper' approached the coffin, I seemed to see a figure in the corner of the tomb, but I didn't know who it was, what it looked like, and what clothes it was wearing."

"Is there another person there?" Aurora was a little surprised.

Lumian nodded:

"So, is the one in the coffin the dead wizard, or the one in the corner?"

"I think the one in the coffin is." Auror closed his eyes and said after deliberation, "The one in the corner is either his puppet or subordinate, or another Extraordinary who controlled the wizard's corpse."

Lumian gave an "hmm":

"Sure enough, the wizard's problem has not been completely resolved. This may be the source of Kordu's gradual abnormality."

This harvest made him both happy and troubled.

I am happy that the investigation has made great progress, but I am worried that just looking at the wizard's body will cause harm, and there is a high probability of getting out of control. How can I go to the tomb for further confirmation and follow-up actions?

Aurora obviously thought of this too:

"Don't go to the tomb for the time being, but focus on the bottom of the church. There may be key clues to help deal with the problem of the tomb."

"Okay." Lumian had decided to go to the three strangers after dawn to discuss exploring the underground of the church.

After hearing his answer, Aurora added:

"If I fully recover, I will go to the basement of the church with you."

Lumian hesitated for two seconds before agreeing.

At this time, you must gather all your strength to see hope!

Aurora, who still had her eyes closed, turned to ask:

"Your ceremony seems to be a success, how do you feel?"

Lumian told his sister the whole process of the ceremony and what he had gained, but he didn't mention the specific description of that existence, and finally said:

"I almost lost control when I received the gift, but it was fine after that, and there was no abnormal change in my body, which may be the reason why the sequence is low enough."

Aurora closed her eyes, smiled slightly and said:

"The dance that can summon abnormal creatures around and let one of them attach to the body is very interesting.

"This reminds me of the ability in some legends in my hometown, 'God Strike'!" Angela's Library