Chapter: 253

"Huh?" Lumian couldn't understand.

Aurora smiled:

"It is to invite demigod-level creatures to partially possess them and use their combat capabilities."

"That requires a strong body, soul and spirit?" Lumian speculated.

Aurora didn't continue this topic, and told her younger brother:

"Help me back to my room, I want to rest."

Lumian helped her sister up, and while walking towards her bedroom, asked casually:

"What I find strange about that ceremony is that I drew a little power from the seal without the permission of the owner of the blue-black symbol. Could it be that he is always watching me? Impossible, how can I have so much free time?"

Aurora thought for a while and said:

"You told me that the name description given to you by that mysterious lady is very vague and inaccurate, so as not to attract the attention of the corresponding person.

"Is there a possibility that the owner of the blue-black symbol and the corresponding black thorn have some overlapping authority? For example, you mentioned the word 'fate', and both of them may have some authority in the realm of destiny Therefore, when you recite the fuzzy honorable name, part of it not only points to the person corresponding to the black thorn, but also points to the owner of the blue-black symbol.

"Under normal circumstances, due to incompleteness and inaccuracy, this would not have any effect, but you in the altar happen to have the corresponding symbols, power and aura, so they reacted to a certain extent after being stimulated, and the existence Your actions are also discovered, and you are guided by the mysterious lady, and it is easy to get permission.

"In this way, when you read all the honorable names and point to the pollution in your body, there will be no obstacles to extracting a little power, and the 'back door' has been opened.

"Very ingenious ritual design... It looks like a master of card bugs."

"That's it." Lumian suddenly realized.

Because his sister had to rest, Lumian couldn't learn new Hermes and ancient Hermes words. He could only consolidate what he had mastered before. When he went out around ten o'clock, he went straight to the old tavern.

First, he wanted to see if that mysterious lady would appear after he became a "dancer" and provide some knowledge. Second, Liya and other foreigners lived there. After what happened yesterday, they There may not be going out today.

After entering the old tavern, Lumian quickly looked around, and was quite disappointed to find that the place where the lady usually sat was empty and there was no one there.

He breathed out slowly, and walked towards the bar, intending to ask if the three foreigners were there.

At this time, the owner of the tavern, Maurice Bene, seemed to have just woke up not long ago, and he was clearly not energetic enough. He was holding a red nose and communicating with the guests in front of the bar.

The guest was very excited, gestured his hands, and made a sound, but couldn't speak.

dumb? Lumian approached curiously, and found that the guest was not one of the two original mutes in the village, but Jean Maury, the husband of Sybil Berry.

Sybil was the mistress of curate Guillaume Benet, the sister of shepherd Pierre Béry, and a member of that small group.

Jean Maury is not dumb... Lumian looked at the middle-aged man suspiciously.

His black hair was messy, his face was not clean-shaven, and his eyes were full of anger and fear.

Different from his usual gloomy state, now he is very excited, constantly making gestures, wanting to tell the tavern owner something.

Lumian thought "strange" to himself, came to the front of the bar, and knocked on the table with a smile:

"Hey, what's going on?

"Morris, did you sell the fake wine to Yim? You saw he was so angry that he couldn't speak."

"What's none of my business?" Maurice Bene quickly cleared the blame, "He's dumb himself." Angela's Library