Chapter: 254

Jean Maury stopped, glanced at Lumian, and returned to his original gloomy state.

He immediately turned around and walked outside the old tavern.

After he disappeared at the door, Lumian asked in a low voice:

"What happened to him?"

Maurice Bennet looked outside, and also lowered his voice:

"I heard that last night I bumped into Sibyl and the priest doing that kind of activity on the bed, which made him dumb. Today, I'm looking for people to talk about it. Heh, I dare not go to Daliege to tell the priest. , What a coward, he deserves it!"

Lumian was both dazed and shocked.

If he remembers correctly, Jean Maury knew that his wife Sybil had that kind of relationship with the curate and maintained it for a long time, but he didn't want Sybil to hook up with other men again, how could he have been mentally prepared for it? Are you dumbfounded by trivial matters?

There must be something wrong here!

Moreover, in the last cycle, there was no such thing as making Mori dumb from anger, otherwise Lumian couldn't have known about it.

In Kordu Village, this is first-class news, and it spreads very fast.

Is it because we started to conduct various investigations, which brought corresponding disturbances, causing Jean Morrie to encounter things that he would not have encountered in the first place? Lumian showed an excited expression while speculating on the reason:


"Then I have to ask him carefully!"

For his performance of joining in the fun, the tavern owner Maurice Bene wasn't surprised at all, and even felt that it should be so.

He laughed and scolded:

"You bastard, be yourself and don't irritate that poor man anymore.

"Besides, he is dumb and can't write words yet. How can he tell you what happened?"

Lumian laughed and said:

"Can't he gesture?"

He immediately raised his hands, turned his left palm into a fist, and lightly touched his right palm.

In the Daliege region, and even south of Intis, this is a common gesture, meaning that thing between a man and a woman.

Maurice Bene cursed angrily:

"I hope you still have the last bit of kindness, don't play tricks on that poor man."

"Don't worry, I just want to 'listen' to the story." Lumian waved his hand and ran out of the old tavern, looking for Jean Mori.

But that guy didn't know where he went, and he stopped gesturing to the villagers about what happened to him. Lumian searched all over Kordu, but couldn't find him.

Finally, he came to Jean Maury's house.

At the gate, Sybil Berry in an off-white dress was handling a few broken potatoes.

"What's the matter?" The woman raised her head and looked at Lumian.

She has the same blue eyes as Pierre Berry, and her long black hair is draped softly behind her, unlike other married women who are always coiled up. Angela's Library