Chapter: 151

After waiting for a few breaths, Li Jinglong didn't get an answer. Instead, Jiang Xinghuo looked at Jiang Xinghuo with dull eyes, motionless, like a puppet.

In short, it's like... disconnected.

"Jiang Lang? Jiang Lang, what's wrong with you?"

After calling a few more times, Jiang Xinghuo suddenly returned to normal, and asked, "Have you learned it?"

"Learn what?"


Li Jinglong's intelligence was obviously higher than that of Zhu Gaoxu, and he understood the subtle usage of this move almost instantly.


"Thank you Jiang Lang, with Jiang Lang's ingenious plan, this calamity will definitely pass through safely!"

"It's okay, anyway, I will be beheaded in two days." Jiang Xinghuo said indifferently.

Li Jinglong made a bow, and then left in a hurry.

After closing the prison door, Li Jinglong took a few steps to join Zhu Gaoxu, Zhu Gaoxu hurriedly asked, "So do you know why you hurriedly informed us to attend the temporary court meeting tomorrow? What big event is going to happen?"

Li Jinglong frowned slightly and said, "You don't even know, how would I know?"

"Father has never called an impromptu court meeting in such a hurry... It's not a hopeful day, it's strange."

Zhu Gaoxu asked: "Could it be that I played two memorials about Jinshan and Yinshan to my father? But my father gave me a "read" in the afternoon, and a "understand" to me just now in the evening. It doesn't look like you believe it."

"Don't panic." Li Jinglong stopped the other party's words, "No matter what happens, just adapt to the situation according to the method Jiang Lang taught you and me."

"Jiang Lang can't cheat us, this time must be passed safely."

Zhu Gaoxu nodded in agreement, this is the advice from the exiled immortal, how could it go wrong? impossible.

Zhu Gaoxu is full of confidence in the grand court meeting tomorrow morning!

This time, he will never be embarrassed again.

"Ah yes yes yes!"

The next day, the night leaked.

A few sparse stars hang on the dim sky, and the earth is still silent in the boundless darkness.

The imperial city root outside the Nanjing imperial city has already gathered the carriages and sedan chairs of many civil servants.

In the old system of the Hongwu Dynasty, sedan chairs and cars were made together. All cars are not allowed to be carved with dragon and phoenix inscriptions, and dan lacquer is forbidden. Officials from the first rank to the third rank use inter-gold ornaments and silver chi embroidered belts; the fourth rank and fifth ranks use plain lion head embroidered belts; the sixth rank to ninth ranks use plain cloud head blue belts.

Therefore, a large area of ​​green horse-drawn carriages, sedan chairs and hedgehogs gathered together, and the civil servants discussed why Emperor Yongle suddenly held a grand court today.

It must be known that Zhu Yuanzhang, Emperor Gaozu of the Ming Dynasty, established a system that only the three big days of Zhengdan, Winter Solstice, and Christmas (the emperor's birthday is also known as Shengdan and Wanshou Shengjie), as well as the "Shuowang Dynasty" on the first and fifteenth day of each month. There will be a large-scale court meeting.

The impromptu convening of the Great Court Meeting often means that an unusual and extremely urgent important political event has occurred.

As for the other side, who seemed a little tit-for-tat, it was the military officials who were talking with their horses.

And these are the peripheral officials of the Ming Empire, and those who are really close to the core are the ministers and governors who sit in the duty rooms of the yamen in the imperial city. Angela's Library