Chapter: 1590

He thought that all his plans to change the past would be destroyed if Chun Yeowun wasn’t dealt with quickly.

‘Time Jet!’

He never thought that a Time Jet would come to this era.

From then on, the Blade God quickly revised his plan.

Upon arriving there, he could see that Chun Yeowun had reached his level, the level he feared.

Which meant that the battle between immortals would unfold.

If both were immortals and on the same level, the battle would be difficult.

‘There’s a Time Jet. Do I need to fight the Demon God head-on? In the beginning, yes, but now, why not go back in time before he was born and then get rid of him.’

The thought of destroying someone who could be equal to him. There was no need for him to fight at all.

[The jet has crossed the stratosphere.]

The Time Jet’s AI informed them how much the aircraft had risen.

He never tested it before, but at that height, he thought it would be difficult for the opponent to keep up whether they had a Nano Suit or walked on air.

“The engine must have returned to normal as we climbed up this much... come on, move to those space-time coordinates.”

The Blade God threatened Allen, a member of the Dead Rose Special Forces, who was sitting in the cockpit.

Allen’s face was covered in blood as he bit his lip.

He was the one who controlled the ship, and his life was threatened when this enemy had entered the ship and asked him to go to specific space-time coordinates.

‘Kuek! What is all this?’

He knew that the man threatening him was a monster.

He killed Anna with just a snap of his fingers and cut Allen’s left arm off.

The suit stopped the bleeding, but it was still throbbing.

Behind him, the Blade God spoke in a spiteful voice.

“If you don’t want to lose another arm, move quickly through space...”

It was then,

Beep! Beep! Beep!

[The hanger on the right side of the aircraft has been opened. An unidentified entry!]


The warning from the Time Jet’s AI made the Blade God narrow his eyes.

He was convinced that it would be impossible to get into the Time Jet, which crossed the stratosphere.

Then, in his ears, he heard walking.

Step! Step! Angela's Library