Chapter: 1596

He didn’t know the details, but he had to hurry.

Chun Yeowun ran to the cockpit.

‘Nano. Can you hack this and get me out of here safely.’

[There is damage to the main board, so it may be difficult to adjust with hacking.]

‘You have to do something. Or we’ll both die.’

[Will try hacking. Please place your palm on the cockpit board.]


Chun Yeowun hastily placed his right palm on the board.

The glove of the Nano Suit was on his right hand, and a line of light came out of it and penetrated into the broken board.

[Entering the back up system.]


Along with Nano’s voice, Chun Yeowun’s ears could pick up the ice cracking.

It could be dangerous if he didn’t hurry.

He was waiting with impatient eyes when the LED lights of the Time Jet, which had flickered continuously, came on.

Whoong! Beep! Beep!

At the same time, the buttons on the main board of the cockpit also lit up.

Some didn’t come on, but it seemed like everything was working normally.

‘Nano? Done?’

[It seems that the coordinate setting device has been damaged, so we will have to crash land out of the space and time flow.]

‘What are you saying?’

[Means to land in a different space and time than the user’s.]

Chun Yeowun’s face hardened.

As Nano said that, it meant that he could enter a time that he had no idea about.


The sound of cracking ice could be heard.

They were out of time.

At this rate, the jet would break apart.

‘Mun Ku.’

At that moment, in Chun Yeowun’s mind, he saw an image of Mun Ku with a child.

If he died, he would never get to see them again. Angela's Library