Chapter: 71

"Is there a follow-up?"

"That's right, we dispatched 11 people." Wei Zhenguo laughed twice, and said again: "Let's talk about Cai Bin first, the girlfriend of the little thief, there is no big problem, it is just delicious and lazy, and Cai Bin has a house for a day. She swipes her mobile phone at night, and occasionally goes shopping. When Cai Bin commits the crime and returns home, she buys vegetables and cooks for her. Judging from her personality and daily life, she should not have participated in the theft or sale of stolen goods..."

After listening, Xiao Wang concluded: "Steal the battery car and raise her?"

"Almost. Then, according to the clues given by Cai Bin, we just caught two more people, and seized dozens of electric vehicles, electric tricycles, and batteries worth hundreds of yuan. Now follow this line to arrest People, it is estimated that there will be gains. When the case is completed, it is estimated that many people will be able to return the stolen goods."

This time, Wu Jun couldn't sit still any longer, he looked over with his teacup and said, "Then you have knocked out a lot of dates with this stick."

Wei Zhenguo smiled: "It's like setting up the net in advance, and intercepted a fool."

"how to say?"

"Didn't we also run this kind of special class for theft in previous years? Last year it was burglary, and the year before that it was bus pickpocketing... This year, with the scale they did, maybe it was a special class for battery cars. We are tantamount to attacking in advance."

"That's hard to say. In the current situation, maybe it's all dedicated to fraud." Wu Jun took a sip of tea and came up with a quite possible conclusion. The current telecom fraud cases have accounted for more than 50% of all reported cases, and the amount is even higher. In comparison, the theft is really child's play.

Wei Zhenguo was dumbfounded, and had to admit that it was very possible.

Compared with telecommunications fraud that cost tens of thousands of yuan, but hundreds of thousands of yuan, the pain of electric vehicle theft is not so loud.

Wei Zhenguo shook his head: "Anyway, it's a good thing to solve the case."

"That's what it says."

"Actually, when we held special classes before, the process was the same. First find a small thief to understand the situation, and then follow the clues. The cases in our county are not so complicated... By the way..." Wei Zhenguo said here , slapped his thigh, and said: "Forensic doctor Jiang, Cai Bin said he knew the two who used hydraulic shears and tricycles to steal electric cars, and they will be arrested now."

Jiang Yuan laughed "haha", and said helplessly: "It seems that the rubbish is for nothing."

"How come, when the time comes to convict, there is absolutely a difference between having DNA evidence and not having DNA evidence." Wei Zhenguo raised his chin and said, "Besides, after these two people are caught, if we have DNA evidence in our hands, we will definitely be able to If there are so many cases, it will be much easier than interrogation with empty teeth. If every case can have this kind of solid evidence, I am willing to dig through the trash every day."

"Then hire a cleaner, please be expensive." Xiao Wang also listened amusedly.

Wei Zhenguo burst into a hearty laugh, the creases on his smiling face deepened.

Turning his head, Wei Zhenguo looked at Jiang Yuan again, and asked with a smile, "Jiang Forensic Doctor, what new clues do you have today?"

"Today..." Jiang Yuan looked down at the novel "The Great Doctor Ling Ran" on his computer screen, and couldn't help feeling a little ashamed. Did he relax too much today?

Wu Jun coughed and coughed twice, and said, "Captain Wei, with the series of cases you just mentioned, you can't be busy for a week or two? What clues do you need?"

"How did it take so long? Up to 10 days..." Wei Zhenguo knew that Jiang Yuan had no new case to do, so he immediately said seriously: "Jiang Forensic Doctor, if you can spare some time here, how about looking at a case for me?"

"What case?"

"326 missing case. Ding Lan's missing case." Wei Zhenguo answered very quickly.

Jiang Yuan searched in the software, and Wu Jun and Xiao Wang next to him also came over.

"Jiang Yuan is mainly doing bow-shaped fingerprints now." Xiao Wang felt that he had the responsibility to explain to Jiang Yuan, and said in particular: "There is also a tendency to do trace inspection..."

"That..." Jiang Yuan had to interrupt Xiao Wang, and said, "I've been researching for a while... other types of fingerprints should be possible as well."

The task that Jiang Yuan completed before was to upgrade the bow pattern identification of LV3 to the full fingerprint identification of LV3.

Compared with other patterns, the number of bow-shaped patterns is relatively small. In other words, after obtaining the Chongqing-style single-finger fingerprint analysis method (LV3) of full fingerprints, Jiang Yuan's shooting range has been greatly expanded.

Xiao Wang can't believe this anymore. Jiang Yuan's level is high, he admits it, but the type that he couldn't do before, if he has studied it thoroughly in just a few weeks, it is obviously beyond his cognition. Angela's Library