Chapter: 72

Xiao Wang knows very few masters, but he believes that all masters have eccentricities. Jiang Yuan said that he was good at bow patterns, and he understood it easily. Up to now, Jiang Yuan said that he could remove this restriction, but Xiao Wang felt uneasy.

Jiang Yuan said casually: "I've been making up for it for a while...Wei team, tell me about your case."

"The 326 disappearance case...was a case three years ago." Wei Zhenguo's tone was slightly reminiscent, and he said slowly: "You know, there are certain requirements for filing a disappearance case. So, when the case was transferred to me , In fact, there are already many bad signs appearing.”

Wei Zhenguo had obviously reviewed the case, he paused for a moment, and continued: "The victim, Ding Lan, is the accountant of the factory. On March 26, she worked overtime until about 10 pm and left the factory to go home. The next day there was no She went to work on time, but her colleagues at the factory thought she was just late, so they did not try to contact her until the afternoon. Ding Lan lived alone, so her family members did not report the case until the evening of the 27th. Several people from Ding Lan found Ding Lan's bicycle behind the municipal flower bed seven or eight meters away from the driveway."

"Then the case can be filed." Wu Jun intercepted.

"Yes, the discarded bicycle shows that there is something else behind the disappearance." Wei Zhenguo sighed, and said, "Afterwards, our squadron did some search work and took fingerprints from the bicycle, but there was no progress. The case is here . came to a stand still."

"Let me take a look at these fingerprints." Jiang Yuan also has no other good criminal investigation methods. Fingerprints are currently his sharpest weapon, much sharper than the skills of the forensic doctor itself.

It could only be for this reason that Wei Zhenguo asked him to look at this case.

Open the police comprehensive application platform, there is a long row of fingerprints related to the 326 disappearance case.

Among them, the most important is the fingerprints collected on the bicycle. There are dozens of fingerprints in total, which belong to multiple people and are located all over the handlebars, body and tires.

It can be said that the person who collected the fingerprints was quite serious.

However, similar to the previous injury case, the cylindrical car body material, the fingerprints obtained are very deformed, and it is difficult to match them.

Coupled with the large number of fingerprints collected from the victim's home, the number of fingerprints involved in the entire case can easily be dozens.

On the premise that there is no clear direction of investigation, these dozens of fingerprints are enough to drink a pot.

Wei Zhenguo is obviously aware of this, so he can only explain: "Ding Lan's bicycle is often lent to people in the office to ride. Especially the cashier and another financial staff, they often ride. In addition, Ding Lan is making friends. On the one hand, it is more casual, there are many relatives, friends, girlfriends and boyfriends, and we know of four ex-boyfriends who live in this county..."

"Emotional entanglement?" Wu Jun made a blind guess. There is no corpse in this case, and it is not a special case. After two years, he has no memory at all.

Wei Zhenguo shook his head: "Her ex-boyfriends all broke up peacefully, and there was no violent tendency... To be honest, after we recorded the statement, the case stopped, and there were basically no follow-up resources. If it wasn't for the bicycle It's really strange, this case may not reach me... But it's also because the discarded bicycle is too strange, I always remember this case..."

Wu Jun listened, and suddenly said with emotion: "In China, the so-called perfect murder, in fact, only needs to be replaced by a disappearance case. The time for filing a case alone can consume 72 hours of gold. If there is no body, many evidences are also useless." I can’t find it anymore. Moreover, there won’t be so much manpower and material resources invested in it.”

Wei Zhenguo nodded heavily, and exchanged a glance with Wu Jun: "You feel it too?"

Wu Jun said "Well..." and said, "It is impossible to throw the bicycle on the side of the road for no reason. However, there are other explanations. The most important problem is...there is no body."

"Yes. Wei Zhenguo sighed again.

Jiang Yuan understood, and said in surprise, "Captain Wei thinks there is a murder case here?"

Wei Zhenguo said: "It's a pity that I don't know how to count."

After all, Jiang Yuan was young, he frowned and said: "Anyway, the person is really missing, and he must be found."

Wei Zhenguo smiled wryly: "The difference between a disappearance case and a murder case is too great."

Wu Jun also said by the side: "The disappearance has the problem of false disappearance. For example, eloped with her boyfriend, ran away because of financial problems or evaded debts, or actively participated in pyramid schemes and strange religions, and what's more, like what you young people said , let’s go on a trip, come to a predestined love…”

"Well, our police force is limited, our energy is limited, and there is no definite evidence, it is impossible to turn the disappearance case into a murder case." Wei Zhenguo said.

Wei Zhenguo and Wu Jun showed the situation to Jiang Yuan with a single sentence.

Jiang Yuan asked hesitantly: "What is the confirmed evidence?"

"Just the corpse." Wei Zhenguo said: "The domestic tradition is to file a case upon seeing the corpse. Without a corpse, it is impossible to throw hundreds of millions of funds into a case." Angela's Library