Chapter: 73

The high pressure that murder cases must be solved is the original driving force for the police to solve cases regardless of cost. However, the fact that the cost of murder can be ignored does not mean that the funds of the police department are unlimited.

On the contrary, it is precisely because of the need to save funds for serious cases such as homicide, so the funds for ordinary cases are even more stretched.

Before seeing the body, the disappearance case is an ordinary case.

The resources it can obtain can only be the resources of ordinary cases.

"The victim's job is an accountant. Is there any financial problem?" Wu Jun asked a new question.

Wei Zhenguo sighed: "There are no major problems in the preliminary investigation, but there are some small problems such as additional reimbursement. In short, it is not too clean. But the factory is unwilling to investigate in detail, and we have no manpower to investigate."

"I like to socialize, love to play, have a lot of ex-boyfriends, and I'm not too cautious about money." Wu Jun shook his head: "It's really hard to turn a murder case like this, maybe one day he will suddenly run out and tell you a joke with a smile .”

"It's been three years, but she hasn't jumped out." Wei Zhenguo's expression became much more serious.

"Then, what do I need to do now?" Jiang Yuan saw that the air pressure was low, and stood up again.

Wei Zhenguo adjusted his mood and thought about it: "That's how I think about it. When we investigated the case before, we focused our work on acquaintances, considering acquaintances committing crimes, and also considering issues such as entanglements between men and women. In short, It is based on the relationship between people. Now, let’s put the old road aside and focus on this bike.”

When it comes to the detection of the case, Wei Zhenguo's thinking became extremely quick, and he frowned deeply, saying: "The only flaw in this case is the bicycle. If it weren't for this bicycle that fell in the grass, the disappearance case would probably be difficult." File a case. And it is actually very easy to cover up the bicycle, ride it away or discard it on the side of the road, maybe it will be ridden by other passers-by, and there is no trace."

Jiang Yuan listened and nodded. This kind of case analysis is still very new to him, a forensic doctor who graduated from a medical school.

"Therefore, this bicycle represents that the case is sporadic, and there is a possibility of a crime of passion. If there is a crime, the bicycle has a high probability, leaving greater loopholes, for example, the suspect's fingerprints. "Wei Zhenguo looked at Jiang Yuan and said, "To be honest, I have considered this aspect three years ago, but it was more difficult to match fingerprints than it is now..."

Following Wei Zhenguo's description, Jiang Yuan jumped out of the translucent interface of the system.

Mission: Match across the globe

Task content: Wei Zhenguo believes that the clues to 326 Ding Lan's disappearance may lie in the fingerprints of the bicycle. Please match the fingerprints collected on the bike and try to solve the case.

Jiang Yuan's eyes twitched.

Good guy, match all the fingerprints on the bicycle, throw away 70% to 80% of the previously matched fingerprints, and the rest are all difficult fingerprints-really only assuming that there is a major criminal case, can people have the patience to put all of them do it.

" do we fuck?" Wang Zhong consciously stood beside Jiang Yuan.

Remove the fingerprints that have already been matched, and there are more than a dozen remaining fingerprints, which must be left by several people. This workload is also a big case for trace inspection.

"Do you remember this case?" Jiang Yuan asked first. Three years ago, Wang Zhong was already a trace. And it is the only trace inspection by the county bureau.

But Wang Zhong shook his head and said: "I don't have any impressions. It's not a special case. When we compare fingerprints, we don't necessarily know the case. We can compare fingerprints directly."

Wang Zhong is very much like the kind of student who passed long live. When the test score is far below 60 points, he will work very hard, but when the test score is obviously higher than 60 points, he will give up easily. When it comes time to match fingerprints, it is also best to be able to compare the fingerprints, and is very good at self-relieving if it is not the same.

Jiang Yuan didn't need to worry about these, he found a notebook to record, and said: "Let's classify the fingerprints in here first, see how many people there are in total, and then choose the appropriate ones for matching."

"Okay, then record according to the number of the photo?" Wang Zhong also took a notebook and sat on the side.

Jiang Yuan responded, and then focused his attention on the fingerprints, reaching out his hands from time to time, comparing them over and over again.

Most of the fingerprints on bicycles appear in pairs. In addition to the fingerprints of the owner Ding Lan, there are also multiple pairs of fingerprints, which appeared on the front of the car, side members and under the seats.

Reasoning at the scene of the crime, it is conceivable that these fingerprints were probably left by someone or a few people when they abandoned the car. Maybe you can judge the situation at that time.

However, this kind of reasoning only turned around in Jiang Yuan's mind.

His family knows his family affairs. Jiang Yuan is not only a newcomer, but he himself is not a criminal investigation professional. He has neither experience nor knowledge in investigation, reasoning, and case resolution. Angela's Library