Chapter: 74

In contrast, almost all the young policemen in the various squadrons of the criminal police team came from professional backgrounds. Even the younger generation of auxiliary police officers are mostly from the provincial police school. They often work while taking public exams, waiting for the opportunity to go ashore. And once you get the system, it's all ready to fight.

The city bureau and the provincial department on the next level are even more graduates of the People's Public Security University and the Criminal Police Academy-this is the TOP2 university in the police force. When you enter the work unit, you also have to learn step by step from the old policemen.

Jiang Yuan, a newcomer majoring in forensic medicine at a medical university, does not feel that he is more Sherlock Holmes than these colleagues.

If there is no forensic system from heaven, Jiang Yuan probably can only wait for the dead body in the office, or do odd jobs with the criminal police team, or do some injury identification work with Wu Jun.

However, with the system, Jiang Yuan's state is completely different.

However, he also just wants to make good use of his existing advantages.

To use the thinking of the famous comrade Zeng Guofan, it is the fastest shortcut for junior players to fight hard and play dumb.

Jiang Yuan didn't even try to identify who those fingerprints might belong to, he just sorted them into categories, compiled them in order, and then matched them one by one.

At the end of the day, Jiang Yuan only finished three sets of nine fingerprints.

The difficulty of fingerprints is not too high, the fingerprints left on the cylindrical metal and the fingerprints left on the bicycle are also about the level of LV2.

Compared with Liu Yu's injury case, that is, the injury case caused by the carnival of students after the college entrance examination, the fingerprints left by the round stool were at least at the strong LV3 level.

However, because Liu Yu's injury case was a serious injury, and it involved college entrance examinations and teenagers, etc., it involved experts at the provincial and municipal levels. At that time, it could not be detected because the incompleteness of fingerprints was too high.

The case of Ding Lan's disappearance this time is not in one dimension at all.

At most, this case has received the attention of Comrade Wei Zhenguo, the deputy squadron leader of the Sixth Squadron, but it has never received good support from the technical level.

For Jiang Yuan, unless Curry does not have the corresponding fingerprints, matching is not difficult. He did it slowly, mainly because of the fingerprints on the cylinder, the deformation is too large, and it takes more time to adjust.

"Jiang Yuan, are you going back?" Wang Zhong got into the office again, and asked curiously, "How many fingerprints did you get?"

"Three people." Jiang Yuan has processed 9 fingerprints, which belong to three people. They were all colleagues of the victim Ding Lan.

"Excellent." Wang Zhong was a little embarrassed. Theoretically, these fingerprints should have been matched by him, but they failed to match. Jiang Yuan spent half an afternoon doing these things, which only proves that the difference in strength between the two is indeed a bit big.

Jiang Yuan smiled modestly: "Good luck."

Wang Zhong shook his head, and then extended an invitation: "Let's have dinner together tonight, you have been here for so long, and you haven't had a good chat together yet."

"Okay. How many people?" Jiang Yuan readily agreed.

"I called a few people who are about the same age, do you want to call Wei Yin?" Wang Zhong winked.

Jiang Yuan laughed: "Daughter of Captain Wei? I don't even have a contact information."

"In the internal contact book, there is Wei Yin's phone number. Wechat can also be added to the large group." Wang Zhong encouraged.

"That's fine." Jiang Yuan smiled, turned on the phone, found the WeChat group, searched for Wei Yin and chose to add friends.

Seeing Jiang Yuan's smooth operation, Wang Zhong couldn't help being taken aback.

In a team of bachelors, similar ridicule and instigation often end with the person being ridiculed thinking they are instigated. Wang Zhong didn't expect Jiang Yuan to be not cowardly at all.

What Wang Zhong didn't expect was that, in just a few minutes, Wei Yin on the other side had already passed Jiang Yuan's application.

Seeing Jiang Yuan's easy typing, Wang Zhong fell into confusion—is the school I went to not suitable?

Because Wei Yin was coming, Wang Zhong deliberately chose a high-grade restaurant. Angela's Library