Chapter: 75

The kind with boxes. And a lot of beer.

Being able to play with Juhua and her girlfriends was only in Wang Zhong's reverie before, but now that it has been realized, he has even more fantasies.

After a while, Wei Yin came with her girlfriends, greeted Jiang Yuan, and chatted with the first few people, very generous and refreshing. She works in the back office, is pretty, knows a lot of people, and can chat with everyone.

She talked to the one here for a while, and laughed with the one over there for a while, which soon made Wang Zhong very stressed.

"Hey, I don't think it's possible." Wang Zhong returned to the role of little transparent from the state of the dinner party, sat next to Jiang Yuan, and began to become sleepy.

"What's wrong?" Jiang Yuan asked.

This is the first time he has participated in a colleague gathering since he joined the company. Naturally, he should try his best to appear gregarious.

Wang Zhong sighed: "Our wolves have more wolves and less flesh...I'm afraid we will never see our day, hey..."

Jiang Yuan followed his words and said casually, "Don't be so pessimistic."

"How can you not be pessimistic." Wang Zhong drank some wine and became emotional: "Look at Lao Huang, in order to brighten his abs, he wished he could wear tights in winter. And you, you are tall and handsome, and your skills are not bad. Okay... and Guo Haitao, just wait and see, the hotel manager will come over and lick him soon..."

Just as he was speaking, the box door was knocked open.

"Rare customers, rare customers. Captain Guo is here..." The manager of the hotel smiled when he entered the door, and took out a box of Zhonghua, which filled the world with scattered cigarettes.

Most of the policemen are heavy smokers, even Wei Yin and her best friend lit one, blowing smoke rings for fun.

"Don't be the captain, I'm just an errand runner. Let people hear the joke, let's play privately, you don't need to say hello." Guo Haitao took the cigarette and helped them light it up.

"How can I do without saying hello? If people know it, I will become ignorant." The manager bent down to light a cigarette, and said a few more words with a smile, and then saw the waiter come in with a fruit plate and beer, and hurriedly greeted him. On the table, said: "Give me a fruit plate and beer, to express my heart, to express my heart..."

Guo Haitao backed down, like a relative who gave red envelopes during Chinese New Year.

"Just leave a fruit plate, there's no need for beer, you can't finish it." Wei Yin said, and ended the push between the two of them.

Guo Haitao's attitude became firmer, and he sent the manager and the beer out of the box, then turned around and said with a smile: "The owner of the store is too shrewd, I didn't expect to be recognized by others...Come on, the process is over, let's play with us of."

"Team Guo has a wide range of people."

"Team Guo can do it."

Everyone ate small watermelons and small tomatoes, and made fun of Guo Haitao by the way.

Wang Zhong followed suit with a few words of praise, then turned around and lamented to Jiang Yuan: "We are technical, and in this kind of situation, we really don't have room to play."

"You can scan the manager's fingerprint, maybe you have committed a crime, and you can be arrested." Jiang Yuan gave a reasonable suggestion.

As soon as Wang Zhong's emotions were in place, the laughter disappeared with a pop.

Jiang Yuan also took a bottle of beer and drank it. Speaking of which, he had just graduated, and eating and chatting with his classmates and socializing with his colleagues were quite different.

After Wang Zhong drank more wine, he became active,

Wei Yin and her best friend have always been extremely gregarious. Even if the male colleagues of the same age cooperate with each other, their emotions are only mobilized by her, like a child entering the interrogation room for the first time.

A group of people finished their dinner talking and laughing, and when they left the restaurant, they were a little swayed by the wind.

"Let's take a taxi. I'll take a taxi for everyone." Guo Haitao, who is in the limelight, knows the truth of starting well and ending well.

Someone said politely, "No, I'll take the bus back, it's the same." Angela's Library