Chapter: 76

"You're wearing pants. Take a taxi and save yourself trouble." Guo Haitao was referring to the police pants.

Today's police, as long as they are not on duty, can not wear police uniforms. When some people go downstairs to buy a pack of cigarettes, they have to change into their police uniforms, or add a jacket over them.

However, most uniformed police officers are used to wearing police trousers all day long. Not only do they wear police pants on duty, they wear police pants during interrogation, they wear police pants on duty, they also wear police pants when they come home from work, and they wear police pants even when they want to take a shower, so that when police dogs walk around the police station, they are always caught by the reflection of the police pants It makes the eyes uncomfortable, commonly known as blinding the dog's eyes.

However, wearing police trousers after drinking is still a bit more worrying, and everyone tries to avoid this as much as possible.

The colleague wearing police pants waved his hand: "It's okay, the light is so dark at night, if someone stares at your pants, he'd better recognize them, these are police pants."

Several people laughed out loud, and someone took advantage of the chaos and said, "Then the one who should wear police pants is Wei Yin."

"I have everyone's protection." Wei Yin generously pulled everyone into a front line, and said: "Don't look around, you are really dangerous when you see white shirts."

Guo Haitao laughed: "The white shirts we see here are probably for sale."

In the police world, white shirts can only be worn by the third-level police supervisor and above. Those below the third-level police supervisor are all wearing sky blue shirts. As a senior police rank, the third-level police supervisor generally can only be achieved by the director of the prefecture-level city, and in the county bureau of Ningtai County, the directors are all blue shirts.

However, there are relatively more white shirts in police schools and higher police departments. For the policemen of the county bureau, seeing a white shirt is equivalent to seeing an imperial envoy.

Although the possibility was extremely low, Wei Yin successfully exaggerated the atmosphere of terror. Several people became obedient and lowered their heads to take a taxi.

Jiang Yuan coughed twice, and said, "I'll let a friend see you off."

"We have too many people." Wang Zhong reminded.

"It's okay, there are cars in our village in the county." Jiang Yuan said and made a phone call.

The area of ​​Ningtai County is so large, and because it is in a prosperous area, it was just the time to wait for a Didi, and four Alfas stopped in front of everyone in a row.

"Brother Yuan." It was Jiang Yongxin who got off the first car. He belongs to a promising young man in the village. While opening a car repair shop, he also runs a car rental business, and at the same time runs a pick-up business for villagers. Ever since Jiang Yuan cracked the electric car case, even though he didn't get a penny back, Jiang Yongxin was called by Brother Yuan before Brother Yuan and after Brother Yuan.

"Counting from the front to the back, the four cars go in the direction of the southeast and the northwest. Wherever you want to go, you can get in whichever car." Jiang Yuan himself is a type of person who is too lazy to drive, and he always asks the car in the village to pick him up. .

Wang Zhong and the others looked at Elfa in a daze, and saw that Jiang Yuan was going to get in the car, Wang Zhong quickly stopped him and said, "It's too expensive for you to call this car."

"My own car in the village, I usually pay the bill, it's fine." Jiang Yuan said hello to Jiang Yongxin again, and he got involved.

Wang Zhong couldn't help muttering: "This is from Jiangcun."

"There are people in Jiangcun who are poor and rich." Jiang Yongxin came over to greet the guests, and said with a smile: "There are also people in Jiangcun who are so prodigal that they only have two or three houses left. However, Brother Yuan's family is very rich, and his father is from Fuzhen. Well, it was decided at birth."

"Get in the car, get in the car." Wang Zhong didn't repeat himself, he chose the first car and got on it, and the others chanted "Jiangcun" and they all got on the car.

The four cars started lightly, took everyone home, and deeply imprinted the concept of "Jiangcun people" in everyone's minds.

For two consecutive days, Jiang Yuan was concentrating on processing the fingerprints of Ding Lan's case.

Because several cases were solved one after another, including the murder case that attracted worldwide attention. The rookie attributes on Jiang Yuan's body were almost washed clean, or in other words, shining brightly.

Now, at least in the Ningtai County Bureau, everyone has heard of the name "Jiang Yuan".

The most direct impact of this is that no one will ask Jiang Yuan to do chores.

Even Wu Jun, seeing that Jiang Yuan was busy making fingerprints for Ding Lan's disappearance, didn't ask him to come over to do things. The attribute of "can solve the case" is still very good at the grassroots county bureaus. Ordinary policemen are willing to work overtime to solve the case, and they will not encroach on the time of "can solve the case" Jiang Yuan.

And speaking of it, only Jiang Yuan could really do the fingerprints of Ding Lan's disappearance.

There are too many difficult fingerprints, and Ningtai County's own two trace inspections can't do it and can't finish it. If you want to ask for help from the trace inspection at the provincial and municipal levels, if you only rely on the disappearance case as the basis, the case is not qualified. Angela's Library