Chapter: 77

To some extent, this can be regarded as an alternative tasteless.

Fortunately, Jiang Yuan has no pressure, unlike Wei Zhenguo or Wang Zhong, who are always sent with daily tasks, and occasionally spare some free time, so they can't all be devoted to the case.

Most human beings, in fact, can still relax as much as they can. If everyone likes to study and work closely, where is the red light street pink hair salon neon night club sweating like rain in the dark assembly hall? dimly lit assembly hall of the nightclub was profuse.

Of course, the role of the forensic system cannot be ignored. Even without the assistance of skills, its existence itself made Jiang Yuan more focused.

Even Wu Jun, looking at Jiang Yuan's work status, couldn't help but comment: "When I was young, if I could dissect corpses like you, I would have been transferred to the city a long time ago."

"Is it better to be a forensic doctor for the Municipal Bureau?" Jiang Yuan took a sip of tea and rested his eyes.

Wu Jun thought for a while, and said, "The salary should be a few hundred more, at least."

Jiang Yuan didn't even blink his eyelids: "That makes no difference."

"When the welfare housing is allocated, the housing allocated by the county bureau is in the county, and the housing allocated by the city bureau is in the city." Wu Jun glanced at Jiang Yuan from the corner of his eyes, suddenly lost interest, and waved his hands: "To you People from Jiangcun may be the same."

"My family doesn't have many houses in the city." Jiang Yuan explained.

Wu Jun chuckled, feeling that chatting was boring, pointed to the computer screen, and said, "How are your fingerprints doing? If you have any clues, let Lao Wei check it out. The more evidence, the better. "

"One day, all the fingerprints that can be made should be made. Calculate the time, it seems to be about the same." Jiang Yuan glanced at the notebook again, took out his mobile phone and called Wei Zhenguo.

After a while, Wei Zhenguo ran up.

Climbing up the four flights of stairs at one go, Wei Zhenguo was a little out of breath, but with a happy expression on his face, he asked, "Is there a result?"

"Mostly, there are a few that have not been made. I will do it again and see how many I can compare tomorrow." Jiang Yuan pressed the few pages that had just been printed with staples and handed them to Wei Zhenguo.

On the paper, the first place is a labor reform prisoner.

"Picking quarrels and provoking troubles, fighting... Good guy, you're even better than this kind of person, why don't you call?" Wei Zhenguo stopped immediately when he saw the first item, ready to move.

"Dead." Jiang Yuan gave an irrefutable answer.

Wei Zhenguo thought differently. He looked down at the records made by Jiang Yuan, but frowned, and said, "When he left his fingerprints, he was not dead yet. Ding Lan disappeared on March 26. He Not long after he was released from prison at that time, if he committed this case...or it would be a death case."

At this time, Wei Zhenguo regretted looking for Jiang Yuan and wasting so much time. If it turned out that the road didn't work, he would feel embarrassed.

Jiang Yuan was inexperienced and didn't think about so many follow-ups, he just said: "Look at the back."

"En...picking quarrels and provoking trouble, hurting...another one?" Wei Zhenguo noticed the second person in the competition after a few paragraphs.

"He's dead too." Jiang Yuan said again.

"That's not right!" Wei Zhenguo hissed, "It's just a broken bicycle with two dead people's fingerprints, are they all professional criminals?"

As a criminal policeman, a series of cases flashed through Wei Zhenguo's mind. Committing crimes in gangs, distributing spoils unevenly, killing people to silence...

"This man died of cancer. Acute pancreatic cancer. He underwent surgery and chemotherapy, and was hospitalized for half a year. He suffered a lot." Jiang Yuan said, "I called specifically, and his mother told me."

Jiang Yuan is not completely insensitive, and what he said in such detail is to prove that at least the death of the second person is not too suspicious.

Wei Zhenguo sighed, feeling the same worry in his heart. If this person causes Ding Lan to disappear, it may also cause death.

Jiang Yuan ranked third, relatively normal, a young man who had only received public security punishment, and is still alive.

Seeing this, Wei Zhenguo couldn't help shaking his head: "She's a little girl, how did she know these people?" Angela's Library