Chapter: 5369

My younger sister graduated from the Academy of Film and Television, and needs an internship this year. Our crew couldn't be more suitable.

I don't want to move the other characters either. I've been there too, and I know the feeling of being robbed.

But only this cameo role is insignificant. I want my sister to try it. "

Ning Yue suddenly stopped in her tracks.

Sun Haoyang's voice sounded softly

"Sorry, this role has already been given to Ning Yue, don't you know? The director has already agreed that she will come here today. I don't think it's appropriate. Why don't you wait for the next opportunity?"

Jiang Ling smiled and said calmly

"I know, but Ning Yue is an outsider after all, and her acting skills are not as good as my sister's professional background.

What's more, my younger sister will hang out in the circle sooner or later. She is also your fan. She has already come, and she is waiting outside, saying that she wants to say hello to you. You can't favor one person over another.

I know this matter is embarrassing for you. I have already told Director Guo in advance. He said that Ning Yue was introduced by you. If you want to change someone, you have to say hello.

This is how I think, I have a character in my next film, although the role is not heavy, but he can go abroad dozens of times, which is much better than this cameo.

In order to make up for Ning Yue, I can recommend her to appear in my next drama, so she is not considered a loss. "

Sun Haoyang frowned, his face a little dignified.

He didn't want to, but how could he refuse Jiang Lingyi?

She even brought her own sister, didn't she make up her mind to replace Ning Yue?

Jiang Ling was determined to win, and smiled meaningfully.

Ning Yue stood outside and took a deep breath.

She was really speechless about Jiang Lingyi.

I don't know why I offended her, but she actually targeted me like this?

Now even this cameo role is going to be taken away?

Although she doesn't care much about this role, Sun Haoyang won this role for her.

She came here for an idol, why did Jiang Ling snatch her away as soon as she said she would?

She gritted her teeth and pushed the door straight in.

She stood at the door with her hands folded, looking at Jiang Lingyi lightly.

Right now, there is no need to hide the other party's ill intentions.

she said bluntly

"Ms. Jiang, I'm here for Sun Haoyang, not for you. If I lose this opportunity to act in your drama, it will be a big loss. I don't agree."

Jiang Ling was slightly taken aback, neither angry nor embarrassed.

She smiled slightly, looked at Ning Yue, brushed her hair, and spoke calmly

"Miss Ning, you have misunderstood. Since you have heard it, I will not hide it from you. It is not that I want to take away the opportunity to be a guest star. Didn't you say before that you don't plan to join the circle? It must be possible for you none. Angela's Library